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    MS-DOS was a renamed form of 86-DOS – owned by Seattle Computer Products, written by Tim Paterson.Development of 86-DOS took only six weeks, as it was basically a clone of Digital Research's CP/M (for 8080/Z80 processors), ported to run on 8086 processors and with two notable differences compared to CP/M: an improved disk sector buffering logic, and the introduction of FAT12 instead of the ...

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    MS-DOS is geen multitaskingbesturingssysteem, wat betekent dat er maar één programma tegelijkertijd kan werken. Door het gebruik van virtuele processoren (in praktijk de V86-modus van de 80386 -processor en hoger) is het echter mogelijk verschillende MS-DOS-programma's ieder in hun eigen virtuele computer te laten draaien.

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    Entwicklungsgeschichte Tim Patersons S-100-Karte mit Intel-8086-CPU. Die Geschichte, die letztendlich zur Entwicklung des späteren MS-DOS führte, begann bereits im Herbst 1978, als der Programmierer und Hardware-Entwickler Tim Paterson beim Unternehmen Seattle Computer Products mit der Entwicklung einer CPU-Einsteckkarte für den damals verbreiteten S-100-Bus begann.

  4. Microsoft Windows is an operating system for computers made by the United States-based company Microsoft. Windows is used by almost 90% of desktop and laptop computers.

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    NuGet (pronounced "New Get") is a package manager designed to enable developers to share reusable code. It is a software as a service solution whose client app is free and open-source.

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