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  1. Online Traffic Crash Reports. Search |Home | Contact. Highway Patrol Links: Privacy Policy- News Releases- Contact Us- FAQ's- Home- Jobs.

  2. Static MSHP Crash Reports: A set of reports that rank total, fatal, and disabling injury crashes by their frequency of occurrence in counties and cities. Online Traffic Crash Reports: A search tool to identify persons involved in crashes that occurs in the past 29 days.

  3. The standard four-page accident investigation report includes the following information: Accident Classification (property damage, injury, fatal); accident date and time; investigation date and whether investigated at the scene; officer notification time; accident location (county, municipal, on roadway and distance from nearest intersecting ...

  4. Synopsis Of New Laws Related To Crime & Traffic Safety. Click here to read... If You Get Stopped! What Motorists Should Do. Recommendations on what a motorist should or shouldn't do if a law enforcement officer stops them. Read More...

  5. Request a Traffic Crash Report. Currently, the Missouri State Highway Patrol charges a $6.00 fee for each basic motor vehicle crash report.

  6. The Patrol Records Division serves as a data repository of statewide motor vehicle accident reports, convictions of alcohol and drug-related traffic offenses, dispositions on Missouri State Highway Patrol traffic arrests, and assignment of unique numbers for inclusion on the Uniform Citation (UC).

  7. To obtain an official crash report copy, or for information about a specific crash, you must contact your local Highway Patrol troop headquarters or the Patrol's Traffic Division at (573) 526-6113. Please allow at least ten working days from the date of the crash before requesting the official report. What is the source of the crash report ...

  8. In 2020 there were 987 persons killed in traffic crashes in the State of Missouri, 106 (12%) more than 2019. There was a decrease of about 16.3% in total crashes statewide compared to 2019. Alcohol/drugs and speeding are the two highest Probable Contributing Circumstance in fatal crashes.

  9. REQUESTS AND STATISTICS. Arrest Reports. Crime in Missouri. Missouri Automated Criminal History System (MACHS) MSHP Forms. Patrol Records Request. Order Inspection Supplies. Public Records. Request a Traffic Crash Report - SHP-842.

  10. Crash Reports. Need to purchase a collision report? Click the link below to be taken to the Crash Reports page.

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