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  1. Music of Polynesia - Wikipedia

    Polynesia is a group of island chains spread across much of the Pacific Ocean, and includes many countries and territories. Internationally, Polynesian music is mostly associated with twinkling guitars, grass skirts and beautiful relaxing sounds, Hawaiian Hula and other tourist-friendly forms of music.

  2. COVID-19 pandemic in French Polynesia - Wikipedia

    March 2020. On 11 March, the first case of COVID-19 in French Polynesia was confirmed. The first patient was Maina Sage, a member of the French National Assembly. The number of cases reported rose to three on 13 March. The other new coronavirus case concerns a Swiss tourist who fell ill on the atoll of Fakarava in the Tuamotus.

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  4. 2020 in music - Wikipedia

    Retrieved 6 February 2020. ^ Greene, Andy (4 March 2020). "Genesis to Launch 'The Last Domino?' Reunion Tour in November". Rolling Stone. Retrieved 4 March 2020. ^ "LINKIN PARK HAVE BEEN WORKING ON NEW MUSIC". Kerrang!. 2020-04-28. Retrieved 2020-04-28. ^ Baltin, Steve. "Confirmed: Rage Against The Machine To Reunite In 2020, Headline Coachella ...

  5. Polynesia - Wikipedia

    Polynesia (UK: / ˌ p ɒ l ɪ ˈ n iː z i ə /, US: /-ˈ n iː ʒ ə /; from Greek: πολύς polys "many" and Greek: νῆσος nēsos "island") is a subregion of Oceania, made up of more than 1,000 islands scattered over the central and southern Pacific Ocean.

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  7. French Polynesia - Wikipedia

    At the 2017 census, 89.0% of people living in French Polynesia were born in French Polynesia (up from 87.3% in 2007), 8.1% were born in metropolitan France (down from 9.3% in 2007), 1.2% were born in overseas France outside of French Polynesia (down from 1.4% in 2007), and 1.7% were born in foreign countries (down from 2.0% in 2007).

  8. List of Billboard Hot 100 number ones of 2020 - Wikipedia

    Its data, published by Billboard magazine and compiled by MRC Data, is based collectively on each song's weekly physical and digital sales, as well as the amount of airplay received on American radio stations and streaming on online digital music outlets. During 2020, twenty singles had reached number-one on the Hot 100, making 2020 the year ...

  9. Polynesia-Music - Online education for kids

    The music of pre-colonized Polynesia was almost entirely vocal, full of chants and story-songs that interacted intimately with dance. When European settlers came–specifically, when European missionaries came–they brought instruments such as the guitar and ukelele, elaborate church hymns that … Continue reading →

  10. Samoa - Wikipedia

    Coordinates. Samoa (/ s ə ˈ m oʊ ə /), officially the Independent State of Samoa (Samoan: Malo Saʻoloto Tutoʻatasi o Sāmoa; Samoan: Sāmoa, IPA: ) and until 1997 known as Western Samoa, is a Polynesian island country consisting of two main islands (Savai'i and Upolu), two smaller, inhabited islands (Manono and Apolima), and several smaller, uninhabited islands, including the Aleipata ...

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