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  1. Ace Combat: The Equestrian War has Gilda, who, upon her first appearance in chapter 11 violently beats up Rainbow Dash to "punish her" and later tortures Medley, as Rainbow tries to save her, and, ultimately, breaks Medley's wings. Ealier, in chapter 6, Applejack is subjected to one of these, while being pinned against a wall made of ice.

  2. Chapter 49.1 September 15, 2021 . The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass. Chapter 74 September 13, 2021 . Chapter 73.5 September 5, 2021 . See More Popular Mangas.

  3. Yama Rising - Chapter 725: Winds and Waves (1) Love Code at the End of the World - Book 7, Chapter 7 - Luo Bing’s Law Star Odyssey - Chapter 833: Black Fiery Phoenix

  4. CHAPTER 1 Dr Sheppard at the Breakfast Table Mrs Ferrars died on the night of the 16th17th September - a Thursday. I was sent for at eight o'clock on the morning of Friday the 17th. There was nothing to be done. She had been dead some hours. It was just a few minutes after nine when I reached home once more. I opened the front door with my

  5. Chapter 1742 - Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison (1) Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er stepped out of the God Realm of Absolute Beginning and returned to the Eastern Divine Region. This trip to and from the God Realm of Absolute Beginning had taken them several days.

  6. Arlo to BlykePeople rarely know what to do when they're hit with a challenge. How they handle it is what distinguishes them from everyone else.Arlo is one of the main characters of unORDINARY, and is a fourth-year student of Wellston High, and the third ranked student in Wellston. He was also the school's King and strove to maintain order in Wellston until he was eventually dethroned by John ...

  7. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower • Aura from Another Planet • Age Matters • Bastard • The Boxer • Castle Swimmer • Cat's Cafe • Choco Latte • City of Blank • Cursed Princess Club • Darbi • Days of Hana • Denma • Deor • The Devil is a Handsome Man • Devil Number 4 • Dr. Frost • Down To Earth • DICE ...

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