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  1. The other answer is correct, but there is another spelling for those uncles (that seems more logical to me). The brother of your grandfather is your granduncle; the members of this generations start with a grand-. Likewise, the brother of your great-grandfather is your great-granduncle. As Justin Cascio said, the children of your great-granduncle (the cousins of your grandfather) are your first cousins twice removed.

  2. A@A Your grandfather’s brother’s son is your first cousin once removed. He is cousin to your mom or dad. Therefore, he is your first cousin once removed because your parent stood in the way of him being your first cousin.’ I am involved in genealogy. This concept is difficult for a lot of people to understand.

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  5. My mother’s and my mother’s first husband’s son = The son of my mother and her first husband Definition : Brother of the same mother and two different fathers Half-brother (paternal)

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