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  1. myrtle, any of the evergreen shrubs in the genus Myrtus, belonging to the family Myrtaceae. Authorities differ widely over the number of species the genus includes. Most occur in South America; some are found in Australia and New Zealand. True myrtles have a central midrib and a major vein just inside and parallel to the leaf margin.

  2. myrtle noun myr· tle ˈmərt-ᵊl 1 : a common evergreen shrub of southern Europe with leaves, fragrant white or rosy flowers, and black berries 2 a : any of the family of chiefly tropical shrubs or trees (as eucalyptus or guava) to which the common myrtle belongs b : periwinkle entry 1 More from Merriam-Webster on myrtle

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    Myrtus (commonly called myrtle) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae. It was first described by Swedish botanist Linnaeus in 1753. [2] Over 600 names have been proposed in the genus, but nearly all have either been moved to other genera or been regarded as synonyms. The genus Myrtus has three species recognised today: [5]

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  5. Feb 2, 2017 · Twisted myrtle Myrtus communis 'Boetica' gets it name from the contorted growth of its trunk and branches, which grow 6-10 feet tall and 4-8 feet wide. Its dark green leaves are cupped, and because they have almost no petiole, they appear to hug the stem. Like other myrtles, it has fragrant white flowers and foliage that is aromatic when crushed.

  6. Jan 6, 2022 · Native to the Mediterranean and northern Africa, the common myrtle ( Myrtus communis) has been beloved as a houseplant and topiary since ancient times. The ancient Greeks and Romans favored the leaves for their medicinal and culinary purposes and associated the delicate sweetly scented white flowers with love and innocence.

  7. Jun 28, 2018 · Myrtus communis (true myrtle), of the family Myrtaceae, is a fragrant, evergreen shrub with small, glossy green leaves and white, star-shaped flowers with long stamens, and, after their blooming, purple-black berries. It is native to Mediterranean Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey.

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