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  1. Jason started the Myths and Legends Podcast out of his love for reading/writing and training in English literature. In addition to history and world folklore, he's a fan of his wife and child, dachshunds, hiking, Batman, and cake (the dessert, but the band's ok, too).

  2. Myths and Legends! Inch-High Samurai – Issun-Boshi 2020-07-22. The Inch-High child fancying himself a miniture samurai, Issun-Bōshi is given a sewing needle for a sword, a soup bowl for a boat, and chopsticks for oars. Momotaro Legend – The Peach Boy 2020-07-22. Long ago in Japan, a poor, elderly couple discover a large peach and, in it ...

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    • 228-Italian Folklore: Full Circle. Two tales from Straparola, where we'll see someone beat con men at their own game, and three scoundrels who try to win...
    • 227-Greek/Roman Mythology: A Funny Thing Hap… Two stories from Greek/Roman mythology this week with the (not remotely) love story of Apollo and Daphne as well as the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe, where we'll see that a wall can bring peopl…
    • 226-European Folklore: Failing Upward. This week, it's the story of Fortunatus, the man who, bet you could never guess from his name, was given an inexhaustible fortune, and how things kind of went off the rails for him and his kids.
    • 225-Egyptian Folklore: Kitchen Nightmare. The Egyptian folktale of a young woman who's not messing around. After fleeing her home, she only sees one way to live free: become a monster that haunts the wild.
  3. Sep 05, 2021 · Myths & Legends All over the world there are extraordinary stories—stories that once upon a time were believed to be true but are today limited to the sphere of ancient myths and legends. The question remains, are those myths and legends stories something that existed in the minds of our ancestors, or were they based on true events?

  4. Sep 08, 2021 · Many Myths and Legends from Around the World. People once imagined that the Earth was round, that one day we would travel into outer space, and that there were things called black holes in our universe. Over time, these once crazy ideas have been proven. This is where imagination leads to understanding and discovery of amazing things.

  5. Myths and Legends Poems for Kids. Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses. A collection of poems about the ancient Greek gods who lived on Mount Olympus. The Myth of the Minotaur. The hero Theseus battles the minotaur - a giant with a bull's head, locked up in a labyrinth in Crete. Perseus and Medusa. Perseus was sent on a quest to slay the monstrous ...

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