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    Nagasaki (Japanese: 長崎, "Long Cape") is the capital and the largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan.. It became the sole port used for trade with the Portuguese and Dutch during the 16th through 19th centuries and the Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region have been recognized and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    • History

      The first contact with Portuguese explorers occurred in...

    • Geography

      Nagasaki and Nishisonogi Peninsulas are located within the...

    • Transportation

      The nearest airport is Nagasaki Airport in the nearby city...

  2. Nagasaki Prefecture has a population of 1,314,078 (1 June 2020) and has a geographic area of 4,130 km 2 (1,594 sq mi). Nagasaki Prefecture borders Saga Prefecture to the northeast. Nagasaki is the capital and largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture, with other major cities including Sasebo, Isahaya, and Ōmura.

    • 長崎県
    • Kyushu
  3. Nagasaki. Nagasaki waterfront on the harbor. Nagasaki (長崎市, Nagasaki-shi) is the capital city of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. Nagasaki was founded by the Portuguese in the late 16th century and unfounded by the Americans in the mid 20th century. It has been recognized as a core city since 1997.

  4. › wiki › NagasakiNagasaki - Wikipedia

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    Nagasaki an Nishisonogi Peninsulas are locatit within the ceety leemits. The ceety is surroondit bi the ceeties o Isahaya an Saikai, an the touns o Togitsu an Nagayo in Nishisonogi Destrict. Nagasaki lies at the heid o a lang bay which forms the best naitural harbor on the island o Kyūshū. The main commercial an residential aurie o the ceety lies on a smaa plain near the end o the bay. Twa rivers dividit bi a muntain spur fairm the twa main valleys in which the ceety lies. The hivily biggit-up aurie o the ceety is confined bi the terrain tae less nor 4 square mile (10 km2). Nagasaki haes the teepical humid subtropical climate o Kyūshū an Honshū. Apairt frae Kanazawa an Shizuoka it is the wettest sizeable ceety in Japan an indeed aw o temperate Eurasie, an in the simmer the heat an humidity can be very unpleasant, wi wet-bulb temperaturs whiles reachin 26 °C (79 °F). In the winter, houiver, it is drier an sunnier than Gotōtae the wast, an temperaturs are slichtly milder than faur inl...

    The nearest airport is Nagasaki Airport in the nearby ceety o Ōmura. The Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) provides rail transportation on the Nagasaki Main Line, whose terminal is at Nagasaki Station. In addeetion, the Nagasaki Electric Tramway operates five routes in the ceety. The Nagasaki Expressway serves vehicular traffeck wi interchynges at Nagasaki an Susukizuka. In addeetion, sax naitional highways crisscross the ceety: Routes 34, 202, 251, 324, an 499.

    Twin touns an sister ceeties

    The ceety o Nagasaki maintains sister-ceetyor friendship relations wi ither ceeties warldwide.

    Within Japan

    1. Hiroshima

    Ootside Japan

    1. Saunt Paul, Minnesota, Unitit States - (1955) Auldest sister ceety in Japan 2. Santos, Brazil (1972) 3. Porto, Portugal (1978) 4. Middelburg, Netherlands (1978) 5. Fuzhou, Cheenae (1980) 6. Vaux-sur-Aure, Fraunce (2005), sister ceety o Sotomesyne 1978

  5. Portuguese Nagasaki or Ecclesiastical Nagasaki refers to the period during which the city of Nagasaki was under foreign administration, between the years of 1580 and 1587. . Formally granted to the Jesuits, a representative of the Portuguese Crown was considered the highest authority in the city when present, as per Portuguese rights of Padro

    • Colony (Jesuits, Portuguese)
    • Portuguese, Japanese, Japanese-Portuguese pidgin
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    • Ground transportation

    Nagasaki Airport is an international airport located 4 km west of the railway station in the city of Ōmura and 18 km north northeast of the Nagasaki railway station in the city of Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. The airport terminal and runway 14/32 are on an island, and the shorter runway 18/36 is on the mainland.

    The mainland portion of the airport opened as a military aerodrome in 1923, and commenced civilian joint use as Omura Airport in 1955. The current island runway and terminal opened on May 1, 1975, and became Japan's first full-scale airport built over water. Although Nagasaki is superficially similar to Japan's other island airports, Kansai International Airport, Kobe Airport, Kitakyushu Airport, and Chūbu Centrair International Airport, Nagasaki's island existed before the airport was ...

    Several companies provide scheduled bus service to the airport from Nagasaki, Shimabara, Sasebo, and other surrounding cities. Ferry operators provide service to Togitsu, Nagayo, and the Huis ten Bosch theme park.

    • 8 ft / 2 m
    • 3,110,686
    • Civil Aviation Bureau
    • 31,888
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