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    Shovelware is a term for software bundles noted more for the quantity of what is included rather than for the quality or usefulness.. The metaphor implies that the creators showed little care for the quality of the original software, as if the new compilation or version had been created by indiscriminately adding titles "by the shovel" in the same way someone would shovel bulk material into a ...

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    A frieze group is the set of symmetries of a frieze pattern, specifically the set of isometries of the pattern, that is geometric transformations built from rigid motions and reflections that preserve the pattern. The mathematical study of frieze patterns reveals that they can be classified into seven types according to their symmetries.

  3. BeerWare é um modelo de licença parecido com Freeware e Shareware no qual o usuário final de um programa de computador é encorajado de comprar uma cerveja (beer, em inglês) para o autor do software ou, alternativamente, beber uma cerveja em honra do autor.

  4. Als Schadprogramm, Schadsoftware oder zunehmend als Malware [ˈmalwɛːɐ̯] – englisch badware, evilware, junkware oder malware [ˈmælˌwɛə] (Kofferwort aus malicious ‚bösartig‘ und software) – bezeichnet man Computerprogramme, die entwickelt wurden, um, aus Sicht des Opfers, unerwünschte und gegebenenfalls schädliche Funktionen auszuführen.

  5. GpsPrune doesn't require registration, or license keys, or payment, and doesn't have any trial periods to expire. GpsPrune doesn't ask for your name or email address. GpsPrune doesn't contain advertisements, spyware, nagware or malware. GpsPrune doesn't have a professional edition or premium features which are only available after payment.

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