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  1. Jan 5, 2024 · Under this, the name of the baby is decided and is repeated thrice by all, after which the baby’s father inscribes it on a plate full of rice. Some Tamil names for a Hindu baby boy are: SL No. Name. Meaning. 1. Aadarsh. The Sun. 2.

  2. Oct 25, 2023 · Tamil baby boy names from I. Ishanth: This name means ‘Lord Shiva’ and represents strength, power, and auspiciousness. Iyyappan: A popular name inspired by the “Lord Ayyappa,” symbolizing purity and devotion. Indraneel: Meaning ‘sapphire,’ a precious gemstone that signifies peace and tranquility.

  3. 2 days ago · Nemi. Dasaratha, Another name of dashratha, Father of Lord Rama), The father of Lord Rama. Nidhulan. The clean and spotless pearl., The clean and spotless pearl. Preash. Loved by God, One who is loved by the God. Khavin. Khavin name means He is Handsome and Beatufil, Khavin name means He is Handsome and Beatufil.

  4. Tamil names are often formed by combining two or more words to create a new name with a specific meaning. For example, the name “Aravind” means “lotus” in Sanskrit. Some Tamil names are also derived from the names of gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology, such as “Krishna” and “Lakshmi”. This is a complete collection of all ...

  5. boys. tamil Baby boy Names. Choose the best baby name for your little one from our list of 2076 tamil Baby boy Names along with their true meaning. So, what are you waiting for?

  6. Welcome to's Tamil baby names collection. We have a latest collection of more than 20,000 Tamil boy and Tamil girl names with their meanings for your new-born baby. All Tamil baby names are arranged alphabetically and can be viewed in English and Tamil language.

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  8. Boy-E. Aabir (ஆபீர) Gulal (Auspicious red powder) 22. Boy-E. Aacharya (ஆசார்ய) A prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide; Teacher. 4. Boy-E.

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