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  1. Name Randomizer Enter all names in the field below, each on a separate line: About Name Randomizer This Name Randomizer Tool is used to arrange a list of names in random order.

  2. To generate a single random name, start by feeding the tool with a list of names, one name per row (where "one name" can consist of first and last name, etc.). Copy/paste from a spreadsheet works very well. Our random name picker can handle up to 10,000 names. Then simply press the "Pick a Random Name" button and let our randomizer do its job.

  3. Open the page on your phone, paste in your student list, and tap to pick a new name each time its time to answer a question. Similar Naming Picking Tools: To pick multiple names, use the list randomizer and specify the amount you want. To split everyone into pairs or teams, use the team generator. Also try: Random Picker Custom List Decision Maker

  4. Using this list randomizer you can shuffle any list in random order. It uses strong cryptographic algorithms to generate random numbers which are then used in an algorithm for unbiased randomization of the list items (more on this below). The result is a truly randomly shuffled list consisting of the initial items.

  5. Our random picker can handle lists of up to 10,000 things. Finally, simply press the "Pick Randomly" button and let our randomizer do its job. What it does is equivalent to rolling a fair dice with as many sides as there are things in your list - each one has an equal probability to be picked. How to randomly draw multiple items from a list

  6. How to Generate Random List: 1 – Select the box titled with the “Enter List Items” prompt. 2 – Insert your listed values in the box. 3 – Each value must be entered on a new line (blank lines will be ignored) 4 – Hit the “Generate” button in green color below the box. 5 – Select the shuffled list in the box.

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