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  1. You can find Urdu meaning of any name and Urdu translation of the names. Find the best and unique names according to Quran and Hadees. Find the lucky number, lucky day, lucky gemstone of name, lucky metals against names etc in clear format. Choose the Muslim Boys names and Muslim Girls names in Urdu. BOYS GIRLS. Boys Names By Alphabet.

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  2. Home » Names. Urdu names are used in Pakistan and India. More Filters. Aamir 1 عامر m Arabic, Urdu. Alternate transcription of Arabic عامر (see 'Aamir ), as well as the usual Urdu transcription. Abbas عبّاس m Arabic, Persian, Azerbaijani, Urdu. Means "austere" in Arabic. This was the name of the Prophet Muhammad 's uncle.

  3. “name” (English) in Urdu is


  4. Find detailed meanings and definitions of Urdu words and Expressions in Urdu, Hindi and English. Build your personal word bank by favouriting words. Use Online Urdu Dictionary of Rekhta to find word meanings of Urdu words in poetry.

  5. Muslim Name or Islamic Name is a name that is assigned to a baby boy or girl at the time of his/her birth. Usually, these names are associated with Islamic personalities or cultural heritage. Why the meanings of Muslim Urdu Names are important?

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  6. Urdu Islamic Names, Urdu Names For Babies, Urdu Names for Girls, Urdu Names For Boys and Urdu Name Meanings Dictionary are available here.

  7. Baby Names. Names by Usage. Urdu Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings. Urdu names are widely used in Pakistan and India, with a rich history and cultural significance. Below is a list of Urdu names for baby girls and boys, along with their meanings, origins, personality, and lucky numbers.

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