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    What is the traditional gift for a 10 year anniversary?

    What gifts for anniversary years?

    What are the traditional wedding anniversary colors by year?

    What do anniversary years mean?

  2. Wedding Anniversaries – Names and Gifts by Year. 1st Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations on your 1st wedding anniversary. You might very well be thinking to yourself, where did that time go? It only ... 2nd Wedding Anniversary. 3rd Wedding Anniversary. 4th Wedding Anniversary. 5th Wedding ...

    • The first five years of marriage… 1 st anniversary: Paper. 2 nd anniversary: Cotton. 3 rd anniversary: Leather. 4 th anniversary: Linen. 5 th anniversary: Wood.
    • From 6 years to the first ten… 6 th anniversary: Iron. 7 th anniversary: Wool. 8 th anniversary: Bronze. 9 th anniversary: Clay. 10 th anniversary: Aluminium. Iron symbolises the strength of a couple that has successfully navigated the first stage of marriage.
    • The second stage of marriage… 11 th anniversary: Steel. 12th anniversary: Silk. 13th anniversary: Lace. 14 th anniversary: Ivory. 15th anniversary: Crystal. 16th anniversary: Ivy.
    • Until the third decade… 21 st anniversary: Nickel. 22 st anniversary: Copper. 23rd anniversary: Silver plate. 24th anniversary: Opal. 25th anniversary: Silver. 30th anniversary: Pearl.
  3. The name of a first anniversary in year one is Paper. Gifts can include stationery and a ...

    Anniversary Name
    Modern Gift Or Present
    1st (first)
    2nd (second)
    3rd (third)
    Crystal or Glass
    4th (fourth)
    Fruit or Flowers
  4. 1st Wedding Anniversary 2nd Wedding Anniversary 3rd Wedding Anniversary 4th Wedding Anniversary 5th Wedding Anniversary 6th Wedding Anniversary 7th Wedding Anniversary 8th Wedding Anniversary 9th Wedding Anniversary 10th Wedding Anniversary 11th Wedding Anniversary 12th Wedding Anniversary 13th Wedding Anniversary 14th Wedding Anniversary

  5. A Wedding Day is an incredibly important occasion when two people celebrate the beginning of their ...

    Anniversary Year
    Traditional Gift Theme
    Modern Gift Theme
    1 1st Anniversary View Gift Ideas
    Gold Jewellery (no associated stone) ...
    2 2nd Anniversary View Gift Ideas
    Garnet Alternative: Rose Quartz
    3 3rd Anniversary View Gift Ideas
    Pearl Alternative: Crystal; Jade;
    4 4th Anniversary View Gift Ideas
    Fruit/Flowers (US) Linen; Silk (UK)
    Appliances (electrical)
    Blue Topaz Alternative: Blue Zircon;
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