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  1. The Nandi bear or chemosit (Kalenjin: "devil") is a cryptid reported from the highlands of western Kenya, in East Africa. Usually described as a shaggy, slope-backed predator reminiscent of a hyena, it is widely regarded as a composite cryptid, created by the lumping together of reports describing distinct animals, both known species and genuine cryptids. Some of the cryptids or folkloric ...

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    Nandi bear Hyena Baboon The Nandi bear drawn as a giant hyena, by Monique Watteau for the cover of Les Ours Insolites d'Afrique (2015). The "giant baboon" concept of the Nandi bear, as drawn by Anthony Wallis. Category Hyena, ape, or bear Proposed scientific names Other names Chemisit, chemosit, chimiset, dubu, engargiyar, geteit, giant forest hyena, kabiniro, kerit, kibambangue, kichwa mutwe, koddoelo, Mubende beast, ngargiya, ntebagarnyar, nyangau, rwujigar, sabrookoo, shivuverre Country repor...

    The Nandi bear is named for the Nandi people who live around Kapsabet, an area where the animal was frequently seen. Geoffrey Williams, one of the first eyewitnesses, compared the animal he saw to a bear, and the name stuck. However, prior to the 1930's the name "chemisit" or "chemosit" seems to have been more commonly used. In the first decades of the 20th Century it was often referred to simply as the unknown or unidentified animal of the Uasin Gishu, and later of the Magadi Railway. A number...

    According to Bernard Heuvelmans, the sightings which cannot be explained by mistaken identity all conform to a single description of an animal with a "(1) thick stocky body, (2) high withers, sloping back, (3) forequarters covered with thick fur, hindquarters smoother and barer, (4) long rather pointed snout, (5) small ears, (6) no visible tail, colour tawny to dark brown". According to some other cryptozoologists, the animal referred to as the Nandi bear actually seems to be more than one crypt...

    • Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda
    • 1905 (sighting)1912 (publication)
  2. The Nandi Bear, also known as Ngoloko is a cryptid, or unconfirmed animal, which is reported to live in Africa. It takes its name from the Nandi people who live in western Kenya, near the majority of Nandi Bear sightings. Frank W. Lane wrote, "What the Abominable Snowman is to Asia, or the great Sea Serpent is to the oceans, the Nandi Bear is to Africa. It is one of the most notorious of those ...

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    Nandi Bear Naming Others Chemosit Kerit Koddoelo Gadett Khodumodumo Binomen N/A Morphology Body type Mammalian Average height Bear-sized Intelligence Sentience Sentient Sapience Non-Sapient Aggressivity Extreme Ecology Place of origin Kenya Habitat Nandi and Kakamega forests Diet Carnivorous Locomotion Quadrupedal Status DD Behind the Scenes Universe Real The Nandi Bear; a.k.a. Chemosit, and sometimes known by other names; is an exceedingly ferocious cryptid and a mysterious predator believed to...

    The Nandi Bear is a ferocious beast, similar in size and physique to a bear, but with its shoulders higher than its hind-quarters, giving it resemblance to a large and powerful hyena. It has elongated forelimbs with huge claws. Some have also linked it to a monstrous baboon, and it has been alternatively described as a giant hyena with the head of a bear, or, more rarely, the other way around (i.e. a bear with the face of a hyena). Proposed identities for this cryptid include: a real but extinct...

    The Nandi Bear is featured in C.T. Stoneham's short story "The Bear of the Nandi", published as part of his book, Killers and Their Prey (1933). It was also featured in Tarzan comics in March 1963, and in an episode of Destination Truth.

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    Bear. Other name (s) Kerit. Country. Kenya. In east African folklore, the Nandi bear is a creature said to live in East Africa. It takes its name from the Nandi people who live in western Kenya, in the area the Nandi Bear is reported from. It is also known as Chemosit, Kerit, Koddoelo, Ngoloko, or Duba (which derives from the Arabic words dubb ...

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  4. Nandi Bear. Reports of the Nandi Bear by westerns have been coming out of western Kenya, Africa from as early as the 1900’s, however the native people have been encountering the beast for much longer. The creature takes its name from the Nandi people which call western Kenya their home. The Nandi people call the creature “Kent’ and ...

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