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  1. Nathanael Pringsheim, (born November 30, 1823, Wziesko, Silesia [now in Poland]—died October 6, 1894, Berlin, Germany), botanist whose contributions to the study of algae made him one of the founders of the science of algology. Pringsheim studied at various universities, including the University of Berlin, from which he received a Ph.D. in 1848.

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  2. Pringsheim was among the first to demonstrate the occurrence of a sexual process in this class of plants, and he drew from his observations weighty conclusions as to the nature of sexuality. [1] Together with the French investigators Gustave Adolphe Thuret (1817–1875) and Jean-Baptiste Édouard Bornet (1828–1911), Pringsheim ranks as the founder of our scientific knowledge of the algae .

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  4. May 11, 2018 · On 20 May 1851 Pringsheim married Hennelte Guradze, the daughter of a leading merchant in Oppeln. Three daughters were born into this happy union, which lasted more than forty years. Pringshcim’s final months were darkened by his wife’s death in February 1893.

  5. Nathanael Pringsheim1823-1894 German botanist who investigated reproduction in plants. Pringsheim was among the first to observe sexual reproduction in algae. He showed that these tiny organisms release sperm and egg cells into the water, where they combine. He also described the alternation of generations, or reproduction by spores, in mosses.

  6. Nathanael Pringsheim (1823 - 1894) Back to Author Index Biography Sources Selected publications Genera Biography enters medical school; switches to botany 1848 earns PhD; appointed Privatdozent at Berlin 1851 marries appointed professor at Jena 1868 inherits a bundle when his father dies; quits day job

  7. Pringsheim, Nathaniel - The 1901 Jewish Encyclopedia -. ;German botanist; born at Wziesko, Oberschlesien, Nov. 30,1823; died at Berlin Oct. 6, 1894. He was educated at the Friedrichs-Gymnasium at Breslau, and at Leipsic, Berlin (Ph.D. 1848), and Paris, in which latter two cities he devoted himself especially to the study of botany.

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