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    The Legion of Honour is a national order of France, meaning a public incorporated body. The Legion is regulated by a civil law code , the "Code of the Legion of Honour and of the Military Medal". While the President of the French Republic is the Grand Master of the order, day-to-day running is entrusted to the Grand Chancery ( Grande ...

    • Excellent civil or military conduct, delivered, upon official investigation
    • Honneur et patrie ("Honour and Fatherland")
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    Spanyol, "The Peace in the Federation"), “Damai di Federasi” Falcón: Dios y Federación (b. Spanyol, "God and Federation"), “Tuhan dan Federasi” Guárico: Si amas la libertad, ven a mis pampas (b. Spanyol, "If you love liberty, come to my plains"), “Bila engkau mencintai kemerdekaan, datanglah ke dataranku” Monagas: Resistió con ...

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