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  1. Native American culture struggled to survive after the white man invaded their lives. Living through forced moves, war, starvation, diseases, and assimilation, these strong and spiritual people kept their many legends and stories alive.

  2. Coyote and Opossum appear in the stories of several tribes. The Indigenous peoples of the Americas comprise numerous different cultures. Each has its own mythologies, many of which share certain themes across cultural boundaries.

  3. A good series of books about Native myths and legends throughout the Americas. Rich anthology of Woodland Indian stories, songs, and oral history. Explanation of Native American mythology from the Creek, Cherokee, and other Southeastern tribes. Native American myths and stories from the Northwest Coast tribes.

  4. Native American Myths, Legends & Folklore. Read retellings of famous Native American Myths, Legends and Stories such as Rainbow Crow, the Maid of the Mist, and the King of Sharks, as well as First Nation tales from Canada.

  5. American Indian Myths and Legends. by Richard Erdoes A wide-ranging anthology of one hundred sixty tales from one hundred tribes, including accounts of the creation, of heroes and monsters, of war and the warrior code, of love and passion, and of trickery and humor. 1984. Download DB22217.

  6. Dec 12, 2022 · Dive into the fascinating world of Native American mythology, the different tribes, their creation stories, and more in this article.

  7. Today Native American myths and legends occupy a significant place in the study of world mythology. More importantly, they remain a living spiritual foundation for Native Americans who practice their traditional religions.

  8. Jan 13, 2024 · Native American myths often explain the origins of the world, natural phenomena, and the customs and traditions of the tribe. Many Native American stories also feature spiritual beings, such as gods and goddesses, as well as heroes who embark on epic quests.

  9. Jan 21, 2024 · Native American myths are a treasure trove of ancient stories and legends that have been passed down through generations. They offer unique insights into the rich heritage and cultural traditions of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

  10. Native Americans of the Far North: What trick did the Kutchin people use to catch their enemies? How did these early people stop ghosts from entering their homes? Why was the shaman so powerful? What is a finger mask? Play games! See and hear an old Inuit myth!

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