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    Jan 20, 2011 · NATO’s Innovation Challenge 09 Jul. 2021 What the moon landing can teach us about innovation and how to meet the challenges of the future. NATO’s Warfighting Capstone Concept 09 Jul. 2021 How can the Alliance stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly fluid, connected and complex global ...

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    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO, / ˈneɪtoʊ /; French: Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique nord, OTAN ), also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 28 European countries and 2 North American countries. The organization implements the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 ...

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    NATO is a transatlantic alliance of 30 like-minded North American and European countries securing peace since 1949. The alliance promotes democratic values and diplomacy and enables members to...

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    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an international alliance that consists of 30 member states from North America and Europe. It was established at the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on 4 April 1949.

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    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), military alliance established by the North Atlantic Treaty (also called the Washington Treaty) of April 4, 1949, which sought to create a counterweight to Soviet armies stationed in central and eastern Europe after World War II.

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    Jun 30, 2011 · The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance of 30 countries that border the North Atlantic Ocean. 1 The Alliance includes the United States, most European Union members, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Turkey. Keep reading to learn more about why this organization was formed and how it functions today.

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    The U.S. Mission to NATO (USNATO) is the official representation of the United States of America to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is located at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. USNATO represents U.S. foreign policy interests within the Alliance.

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    Apr 22, 2021 · North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) NATO is a political and military alliance with 30 member states. NATO was founded in 1949 on the principle of collective security. Under the terms of the North Atlantic Treaty, an attack on one NATO member is perceived as an attack on all NATO members.

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    In 1949, the prospect of further Communist expansion prompted the United States and 11 other Western nations to form the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Soviet Union and its...

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