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    Nazareth is the largest Arab city in Israel. In 2009, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics reported that Nazareth's Arab population was 69% Muslim and 30.9% Christian. The greater Nazareth metropolitan area had a population of 210,000, including 125,000 Arabs (59%) and 85,000 Jews (41%).

    • +972 (Israel)
    • 2200 BC (Early settlement), AD 300 (Major city)
    • 347 m (1,138 ft)
    • Israel
  2. Judean religious leader Jesus of Nazareth, also known as Jesus Christ, was the central personality and founder of the Christian faith. Early years Jesus first came to general attention at the time of his baptism (religious ritual performed shortly after a child's birth), just prior to his public ministry.

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  4. Biography Nazareth + Follow Artist The Scottish hard rock quartet Nazareth had a handful of hard rock hits in the late '70s, including the proto-power ballad "Love Hurts." Formed in 1968, the band featured vocalist Dan McCafferty, guitarist Manny Charlton, bassist Pete Agnew, and drummer Darrell Sweet.

    • Early Years
    • The Beginning of His Mission
    • The Sermon on The Mountain
    • Entrance to Jerusalem
    • The Last Supper
    • Judgment and Cruxification
    • Resurrection

    According to some researchers, Jesus had to be born between years 2 and 6 BC in the city of Bethlehem, Judea, that is, a few years before the time indicated in principle. The Gospels indicate that his mother was a virgin named Mary, engaged to a carpenter named Joseph.However, for Christians, Jesus is the product of the immaculate conception. In a ...

    After this, Jesus Christ retreated to meditate in the wilderness, where the gospels narrate that Satan was presented to him, to tempt him. He resisted the three temptations offered. On his return, he devoted himself to traveling through several villages, getting his first disciples. His first miracle occurred in Cana, where Jesus attended a wedding...

    He began to preach his teachings. The Bible speaks of the use of parables and the realization of various miracles, which caused many to follow. In one of these meetings, Jesus proclaimed his “Beatitudes”, reflections on humility and love.Christians know this discourse as the Sermon on the Mountain. They began to call him Messiah, a figure announced...

    A week before Passover, 33, Jesus Christ came to Jerusalem. People took to the streets to praise him with palm leaves, a circumstance that serves as the basis for the Christian tradition of Palm Sunday, a date that commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. During his stay, he resurrected Lazarus and publicly announced the destruction of t...

    Gathered for the Passover dinner, Jesus announced to his disciples what was to come. This moment of the evangelicals is crucial for the greatest Christian rite,for by breaking bread and sharing the wine, Jesus institutes the sacrament of the Eucharist,through which man incorporates God himself. He then goes with his disciples to the Garden of Geths...

    He was brought before Pontius Pilate, governor of Judea, accused of proclaiming himself the “King of the Jews”. Pilate sent it to King Herod, who returned it to him. Finding no fault, he resisted judging him. The priests pressured him by reminding him that declaring himself king was going against the emperor. Pilate washed his hands in public,savin...

    On Sunday morning, some women came to the grave to prepare the body, but found it empty. The gospels tell that Jesus Christ was resurrected and appeared to his disciples, instilling courage in them and calling them to preach His word.Forty days later, on the Mount of Olives, he announced the coming of the Holy Spirit and ascended to heaven. Image s...

  5. Feb 27, 2022 · According to the gospels, Jesus of Nazareth often taught his followers using parables. For example, Jesus used a story about two sons, one who stayed beside his father on the father’s farm, and another who took his half of his inheritance and left to look for his fortune elsewhere.

  6. The first mention of a church in Nazareth was made in 570 by Antoninus Placentinus, who describes it as a converted synagogue. In 614, the Jews in the mountains of Nazareth joined the Persians in their war against the Byzantines. Shortly before the Crusader conquest, the town was destroyed by Muslim Arabs.

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