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  1. If you are traveling or attending a new church, it can be difficult to find Mass times or church contact information within a specific area. With our smart geolocation service you will automatically find churches near your current location. Leave the hard work to us and get to Mass on time!

  2. Welcome to the Catholic Directory. Find a Catholic Church near you, contact a Priest, find your nearest Mass or Confession, search by Diocese and much more. The Catholic Directory has information about almost all Catholc Churches, Schools, Organisations, Religious Houses, Chaplaincies and Associations in the UK and many across the world.

  3. Churches That Help Pay Rent Near Me. The primary function of Churches helping with rooms for a week programs is to reduce the appearance of homeless people in established CoC communities. It confirming the need to support Churches helping with rooms for a week and families during the rapid transition process to self-sufficiency and permanent ...

  4. May 06, 2022 · Editor writes… Clearly, overturning the Roe Vs Wade ruling won’t make abortion illegal in the USA. It just returns the power to legislate for it, to each individual State. So, given the stramash being caused by the Left right now, what on EARTH would it be like if overturning Roe Vs Wade actually did outlaw […]

  5. Find Catholic Churches and Mass times around the world

  6. 2050 Ballenger Ave, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314 | 703-549-1390

  7. This Second Coming of the Lord is effected by means of a man to whom the Lord has manifested Himself in Person, and whom He has filled with His Spirit, that he may teach the doctrines of the New Church from the Lord by means of the Word. . . . That the Lord manifested Himself before me. His servant, and sent me to this office, . . .

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