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  1. Request PDF | Cause of Death in Dogs According to Breed: A Necropsy Survey of Five Breeds | The final necropsy diagnoses, obtained between 1985 and 1999, were compared among 1,206 golden ...

  2. Sep 04, 2020 · Cause-of-death (COD) may be defined as ultimate/underlying (UCOD), (the first initiating event in the chain of events resulting in death; this often includes the clinical history, e.g. dystocia), intermediate and proximate/terminal (PCOD), (final event/mechanism causing death; often from the necropsy examination, e.g. fractured spine or asphyxia).

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  4. Jul 01, 2007 · Cause of death was described as cardiopulmonary arrest as late as 8 days after being admitted to the hospital. Denison et al. 35 studied 97 deaths of known alcohol dependent males. They found that epileptic seizures may have contributed to deaths in seven so-called “obscure deaths” and were the cause of death in five cases.

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  5. the acute effects ofblack smokeshowedat necropsy blackening of the lungs, which was especially pro-minent whena cut surface wasviewed. Therewas no sign of oedema or ofwidespread atelectasis, but congestion wasoftenmarked. Thetrachea wasalso blackened and often appeared to be blocked by sooty liquid. Soot was foundin the nasal passages andthe ...

    • R. E. Pattle, G. D. Wedd, F. Burgess
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    • 1959
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    Animal’s death were recorded daily and subjected to necropsy examination in order to determine the cause of death. Before each slaughter (77 days of age by cutting the carotid artery and jugula veins) the animals were weighed. The carcasses were chilled for 24 hours at 4°C, Then dissected according to the

  7. in the subsequent necropsy to suggest an underlying health concern that contributed to the seal's death. Histopathology of all major organs identified incidental age‐ related findings in multiple organs but none that would have predisposed this seal to mortality or contributed to cause of death.

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