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  1. Oct 01, 2012 · It is uncertain to what degree cause of death as stated by the farmer (or the local veterinarian) in fact reflects the true underlying pathology leading to death. A necropsy can be defined as a thorough postmortem evaluation of an unassisted dead or euthanized cow with the objective to disclose any patho-anatomical findings.

    • P.T. Thomsen, K. Dahl-Pedersen, H.E. Jensen
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    • 2012
  2. a necropsy and the cause of death is later checked by ... definition of a 'case' and finds all such cases in a ... the suicide rates of immigrants to the United States of

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  4. Oct 18, 2013 · According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, here’s the correct definition: nec•rop•sy: noun \ˈne-ËŒkräp-sÄ“\ autopsy; especially: an autopsy performed on an animal According to veterinarians, however, a necropsy is any post-mortem examination conducted on an animal (as opposed to a human).

    • Dr. Patty Khuly
  5. necropsy. death certification. There are written guidelines in each book of medical certificates of the cause of death (form 66) 1 that assist doctors in deciding when to refer a death to the coroner for further investigation. The largest single group of deaths reported is those in which the cause of death is unknown.

    • I S D Roberts, L M Gorodkin, E W Benbow
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    • 2000
  6. The cause of death (or “proximate cause of death”) is the medically determined disease or injury responsible for the lethal sequence of events, or the factors that prompt these events to occur. Literally speaking, the cause of death is always the cessation of breathing and the heart beating, but practically speaking, the cause of death is etiologically specific, such as a particular disease, old age, malnutrition, or a gunshot wound.

  7. A medical examination of a corpse to determine disease, injury, and cause of death, especially in a criminal investigation. Also termed postmortem; postmortem examination; necropsy; obduction. Capture Doctrine: Trusts

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