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    The way to "get them" is to pass (in tempo is a good idea) and hope the opening bidder can reopen with his own takeout double, to be converted for penalties. If the negative double r bids a new suit at his second turn it is weak (NF). With a good hand he would have bid the suit the first time (instead of a negative double).

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    In general, the other major (s) is promised. If responder can't stand a suit that opener selects, he needs to have a backup plan (often tolerance for opener's first suit). If the opening is 1-of-a-major and they overcall the other major, a negative double typically shows both minors.

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  4. Doubles - Bridge Articles - Bridge with Larry Cohen › bridge-articles › doubles

    Negative doubles are played through infinity. After any overcall, responder cannot make a penalty double (he can pass and hope opener doubles for takeout, and then he can leave it in). Responsive doubles are also played through every level. They are used if the opponents bid and raise, or if they bid two different suits.

  5. Doubles (Part 3) - Bridge Articles - Bridge with Larry Cohen › bridge-learning-center › detail

    Since this is the most-forgotten convention on Earth, let me lead into it with a review of the two easier-to-remember doubles: the Takeout and Negative double. A Takeout Double is made when RHO opens the bidding and you double. A Negative Double is made when Partner opens the bidding, the opponents overcall, and you (the responder) double.

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    According to Larry Cohen the 12 conventions that should be in every players deck are: 1. Negative Doubles 2. Blackwood 3. Stayman 4. Jacoby Transfers 5. 4th Suit Game Force 6. Methods vs Opponents NoTrump (DONT) 7. Weak Jumps in Competition 8. 2NT asks after our Weak-Two Bids 9. Unusual NoTrump/Michaels 10. New Minor Forcing (Chechback) 11 ...

  7. (222) Negative Doubles Overview — Adventures in Bridge Home Page › this-week-in-bridge › 222

    Jan 22, 2018 · The Negative Double is probably the most valuable tool that Responder has and it is important for us to have mastery of how to handle it and a good understanding of what types of hands we want to use it with.

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    Negative Doubles: The Quintessential Convention 53 Saved by Marty (A Story by Larry Cohen) “The real test of a bridge player isn't in keeping out of trouble, but in escaping once he's in.” Alfred Sheinwold, well-known syndicated bridge columnist

  9. Negative Double Bridge Convention - Bidding and Responses › negative_double

    The negative double (aka "Sputnik") is a conventional double used by responder after opener starts the bidding with one-of-a-suit and the next player makes a suit overcall. The double always promises 6+ points and, depending on the auction, at least four cards in at least one of the unbid suits.

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    In the current Bridge Bulletin, Larry Cohen recommends marking upper limit of negative double as infinity. I believe that is misinformation. I always thought that "neg dbl through y" meant that double of an overcall of y or lower was shape-showing.

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