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  1. Negotiable Certificates of Deposit Definition - What are NCDs?

    Negotiable Certificates of Deposit Meaning: Negotiable certificates of deposit or commonly abbreviated as NCDs is a short term to medium investment. They are bearer instruments and are also negotiable securities. They are issued by banks that tend to issue NCDs with a term to maturity that are up to 1 year.

  2. 花旗银行 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书花旗银行

    1961年,發明negotiable定期存款(negotiable certificate of deposit)。成立「第一國家城市海外投資公司」(First National City Overseas Investment Corporation)作為海外分支及從屬機構的控股公司(holding company)。位於公園大道399號的新總部大樓建成。

  3. Negotiable Certificate of Deposit Law and Legal Definition ...

    Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD) refers to a large time deposit in a commercial bank. Distinct from a smaller time deposit, NCD cannot be redeemed early but is negotiable so that it can be sold to others. The maturity and rate paid on an NCD is generally negotiated at the time of issue.


    NEGOTIABLE CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT: A PRIMER By AP Faure. Definition negotiable certificate of deposit, usually abbreviated to NCD, is a fixed deposit receipt issued by a bank that is negotiable in the secondary market for financial assets.

  5. What is negotiable Certificate of Deposit? – Banking School

    A negotiable certificate of deposit (NCD) is a certificate of deposit issued by the banks and it is freely negotiable unlike non-negotiable CDs which cannot be transferred, sold, bought, or exchanged. The Certificates of Deposit (CDs) were introduced in India in 1989.Minimum amount of a CD should be Rs.1 lakh.

  6. Bank account - Wikipedia

    The deposit account is a liability of the bank and an asset of the depositor (the account holder). On the other hand, a bank can lend some or all of the money it has on deposit to a third party/s. Such accounts, generally called loan or credit accounts, are subject to similar but reverse principles of a deposit account.

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