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  1. Negotiable certificate of deposit - CEOpedia | Management online

    Negotiable certificate of deposit is a receipt issued by a commercial bank for the deposit of funds. Banks issue negotiable Certificate of Deposit (CD) in order to attract additional funds to make available to borrowers or to counteract the restrictive effect of the withdrawal of deposits from the bank.

  2. Time deposit - Wikipedia

    Unlike a certificate of deposit and bonds, a time deposit is generally not negotiable; it is not transferable by the depositor, so that depositors need to deal with the financial institution when they need to prematurely cash out of the deposit. Time deposits enable the bank to invest the funds in higher-earning financial products.

  3. What is a Negotiable Certificate of Deposit? (with picture)

    Also known as NCDs, negotiable certificates of deposit are fixed deposit receipts that can be sold in a secondary market. Unlike other CDs, this type is structured so that the holder of the security can sell it to a third party. Like all types of CDs, it cannot be cashed until the security has reached full maturity, even if the asset is sold.

  4. Negotiable Certificates of Deposit - Richmond Fed

    Domestic CDs Negotiable CDs issued by U. S. banks domestically are large denomination (greater than $100,000) time deposit liabilities evidenced by a written instrument or certificate. The certificate specifies the amount of the deposit, the maturity date,

  5. First Gulf Bank - Wikipedia

    FGB’s other international activities in 2014 include the conclusion of a Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD) programme via its Singapore branch and the issuance of the bank’s debut 250 million Australian dollar (USD 228.35 million) ‘Kangaroo’ 5-year bond.

  6. Negotiable CDs: What’s a Negotiable Certificate of Deposit

    Disadvantages of Negotiable Certificate of Deposit CDs. Investors must deposit large sums of money. Negotiable CDs are not for investors who only have a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to invest. Investors must have a minimum of $100,000 to deposit into CDs. Many investors may not have this amount of money to invest.

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