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  2. African American Spirituals Lyrics

    The lyrics used in African American Spirituals became a metaphor from freedom of slavery and they were a secret way for slaves to communicate with each other, teach there young, record there history and heal there pain.

    • Between 1865 and 1925
    • Between 1925 and 1985
    • After 1985

    The lyrics between 1865 and 1925

    Spirituals were sung at churches with an active participation of the congregation (as it is usual in a Pentecostal church). Their lyrics mainly remain similar to those of the first negro spirituals. They were often embellished and they were also called either "church songs" or "jubilees" or "holy roller songs". But some hymns were changed by African American and became "Dr Watts" The particular feature of this kind of singing was its surging, melismatic melody, punctuated after each praise by...

    The lyrics between 1925 and 1985

    As traditional negro spirituals continued to be sung, new Gospel songs were created. The lyrics of these new songs dealt with praising the Lord, with personal improvement and with brotherly community life. Many of them were inspired by social problems: segregation, lack of love, drugs, etc. For the struggle for Civil Rights, in the 1960s, negro spirituals like "We shall overcome", "Oh Freedom" and "This Little Light of Mine" used to be sung. Sometimes the words of traditional negro spirituals...

    The music between 1925 and 1985

    Between 1925 and 1985, negro spirituals were sung in local communities. Some scientists, such as Alan Lomax and John Lomax, collected them, as they were spontaneous performed. At the same time, composers, such as John W. Work, arranged their tunes. Some of these composers , such as Jester Hairston, were influenced by the Black Renaissance. This means that their arrangements were influenced by the European classic music. After 1925, artists created Gospel songs, which were either "soul" or "ha...

    Some composers, such as Moses Hogan, arranged traditional negro spirituals. The new Gospel songs created after 1985 are of two types. The first type concerns songs, which are for either worship services or special events in churches. The second type includes songs, which are for concerts. They are more or less secular even when they speak of Christian life.

  3. Lyrics Search negro spirituals

    by Sister Rosetta Tharpe on album Negro Spirituals & Gospel Vol. 1. Now won't you hear me singin Hear the words that I'm saying Wash my soul with water from on high Why the world loves love is around me Even forced to buy me But oh, if you leave me, I will die You hol

  4. Luke Davis – 4. Negro spirituals Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    4. Negro spirituals Lyrics: The ideology behind the negro spiritual started during the 19th century. The African slaves that were sent across to the United States had brought their own indigenous ...

  5. Best-loved Negro Spirituals: Complete Lyrics to 178 Songs of ...

    Jan 01, 2001 · Of these songs, famed scholar and collector Natalie Curtis-Burlin wrote, "The Negro spirituals rank with the great folk-music of the world, and are among the loveliest of chanted prayers."This...

  6. Best Negro Spiritual Songs | List of Classic Negro Spirituals

    Dec 21, 2019 · Some of the most famous negro spiritual songs purportedly sent more than an uplifting spiritual musical message. According to legend, the messages in some lyrics were quite literal, offering slaves specific instructions on how to travel north to freedom. One such song is “Follow the Drinking Gourd.”

  7. Steal Away Lyrics

    Steal away, steal away Steal away to Jesus! Steal away, steal away home I ain't got long to stay here My Lord, He calls me He calls me by the thunder The trumpet sounds within my soul I ain't got long to stay here Steal away, steal away Steal away to Jesus!

  8. African American Negro Spirituals and Slave Songs - Titles ...

    Negro Spirituals and Slave Songs,300+ song lyrics with PDF On The Trail Of Negro Folk-Songs, negro folk songs with lyrics, sheet music & commentaries Negro Folk Rhymes, A detailed study of Negro folk music with sheet music & lyrics Afro-American Folk songs, A Study In Racial And National Music, Sheet Music & Lyrics Folk Songs Of the American ...

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