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    Neon Jungle was a British four-piece girl group consisting of Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy, Jessica Plummer, and Asami Zdrenka. They were best known for their second single " Braveheart ", which peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart.

    • 2013–2015
    • London, England
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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Neon Jungle were a British girl group. They started in early 2013. The members were Shereen Cutkelvin, Jess Plummer, Asami Zdrenka and Amira McCarthy.

    • 2013–2015
    • Sony, RCA (2013–present)
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  4. Welcome to the Jungle (Neon Jungle album) - Wikipedia › wiki › Welcome_to_the_Jungle

    Welcome to the Jungle (Neon Jungle album) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Welcome to the Jungle is the debut and only studio album by British girl group Neon Jungle, released on 28 July 2014 by RCA Records.

    • 2013–2014
    • RCA
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    • Overview
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    "Welcome to the Jungle" is a song recorded by British girl group Neon Jungle for their 2014 debut album of the same name. It was released by RCA Records as the album's third single on 18 April 2014. The track was written and produced by French duo SoFly and Nius and American rapper Snob Scrilla, with additional songwriting by Cassie Davis and Yoan Chirescu, and additional production by Baby. "Welcome to the Jungle" was one of the first songs recorded by Neon Jungle and served as the inspiration

    "Welcome to the Jungle" was written and produced by SoFly and Nius and Snob Scrilla, with additional songwriting by Cassie Davis and Yoan Chirescu, and additional production by Baby. It was mixed by James F. Reynolds and mastered by Dick Beetham, while Chirescu was responsible for the track's guitar melody. It was one of the first tracks the group recorded in 2013; both the song and the group were nameless at the time. Upon hearing the demo version of the song, group member Amira McCarthy was sh

    "Welcome to the Jungle" is an uptempo electronic dance music (EDM) and electropop song, with a duration of three minutes and thirty-five seconds. It has a "club-friendly" urban sound, and draws further influence from R&B, with "faint traces" of dancehall and reggae. Sonically, "Welcome to the Jungle" is upbeat and synth-laden, and features primarily Auto-Tuned harmonies, "hands-in-the-air atmospherics," euphoric breakdowns, and a dub-heavy beat. Lyrically, the song deals with subjects of partyin

    "Welcome to the Jungle" garnered mostly positive reviews from contemporary music critics. David Lim of So So Gay deemed the song a "speaker-detonating floor filler". Radio Aire called the track "epic" and "tantalizing", saying that "'Welcome to the Jungle' picks up where the girl

    "Welcome to the Jungle" became Neon Jungle's second consecutive top ten single in the United Kingdom. It debuted at number seven on the UK Singles Chart issued for 3 May 2014, selling a total of 29,804 copies in its first week. The song fell to number 15 in its second week and sp

    "Welcome to the Jungle" was accompanied by a music video directed by Georgia Hudson, with photography directed by Adam Scarth and production handled by Amber Millington of Agile Films. There was no auditioning of models for the video; the extras featured were all friends of the quartet. The group spent three hours preparing before the video was shot, and 26 dancers were featured in the visual in total. On 10 March 2014, Zdrenka revealed in an interview with Jennifer Dunkerley of the Daily Star,

    Neon Jungle performed an acoustic version of the song live for City Talk 105.9 on 17 April 2014. The radio station commended the performance for showcasing the group's vocals "perfectly". On 19 April 2014, Neon Jungle performed "Welcome to the Jungle" at London nightclub G-A-Y. Anthony Gilét of QX opined that the group "looked – and sounded – amazing". On 22 June 2014, the group performed the song during the North East Live music festival at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland. The ...

    • 3:35
    • 18 April 2014
  6. Louder (Neon Jungle song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Louder_(Neon_Jungle_song)
    • Overview
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    • Music video
    • Critical reception

    "Louder" is a 2014 song by Neon Jungle from their 2014 album Welcome to the Jungle. It is their fourth single.

    The band said the song discussed feelings and emotions and not being able to control the way someone feels towards another, and wanting to increase the volume of everything else around one to block it out. The song is different from the group's previous singles in that it is slower and not a dance track. Releasing such a track had always been Neon Jungle's intention, to surprise people. This song has gained comparisons to The Saturdays' "Lies" from their debut album Chasing Lights.

    A music video was produced for the song which featured the group performing intensely in a massive metal dome structure. It was directed by Colin Tilley.

    The song has received general acclaim from music critics. Meggie Morris of Renowned for Sound praised the song, stating that this less processed release enables us to recognise the talent behind such young voices, and appreciate why their individual tones work so well together... "Louder" nevertheless retains the edginess and energy we've come to expect from the four-piece pop mega-outfit... whilst expanding their range to captivate additional devotees. Morris ultimately gave the song 4 out of 5

    • 2014
    • Pop
    • 20 July 2014
    • Sony, RCA
  7. Trouble (Neon Jungle song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Trouble_(Neon_Jungle_song)
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    "Trouble" is the debut single recorded by British girl group Neon Jungle and released as their debut single by RCA Records, written and produced by CocknBullKid and Benjamin Berry. "Trouble" was released on 1 September 2013, and made its UK Singles Chart debut a week later at number twelve. It precedes a full-length studio album due to be released in the first half of 2014.

    —Neon Jungle speaking to Patrick Gough of Bournemouth Daily Echo about the song. Neon Jungle got together with English singer-songwriter CocknBullKid and British electronic band Fear of Tigers to develop "Trouble". In an interview with Lewis Corner of Digital Spy, Amira McCarthy described the song's development process, saying, "I think we just went into it with a positive attitude. When we did it, it was so much fun, but when it came out it was a shock. We all love the song and we're ...

    "Trouble" is an uptempo electropop and dance-pop which incorporates elements of EDM and lasts for a duration of two minutes and 32 seconds. It features a repetitive, shout-along chorus, energetic high jinks and robust rapping. Instrumentally, the song consists of electronica and brass. The song's sticky hook is drawingly delivered around riotous and energetic vocals sung in an aggressive manner. Neon Jungle use a chanting vocal to sing "Trouble" over its pulsing beat and dizzy bassline. Sonicall

    The song has received critical acclaim from music critics. Digital Spy's Lewis Corner awarded "Trouble" four out of five stars, commenting, "'Trouble' packs a punch hard enough to make you stand up and take notice." Corner further noted that the song has "a hook that draws you in and fiercely defies you to let go," concluding, "as far as first singles go it's little less than a triumphant piece of pop." Jim Carroll from The Irish Times praised the song, describing it as "a wham-bam, day-glo blas

    According to a report by Digital Spy on 4 September 2013, "Trouble" was at number ten on the midweek chart for the United Kingdom, but by the end of the week, it debuted at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart, selling 22,249 copies in its first week. It then dropped to number 30 in its second week and went on to spend a total of three weeks on the chart. As of 3 October 2013, "Trouble" has sold a total of 37,400 copies in the United Kingdom. Speaking to Andrew Bloss of the Croydon Guardian, Plumme

    It was directed by Emil Nava, who Neon Jungle enjoyed working with, the group said that he was "crazy" and that "you can't not have energy with him 'cause he'll just bring it out of you." The music video was shot on a quiet suburban property. A journalist from The Guardian mentio

    MTV Buzzworthy's Bradley Stern positively reviewed the music video, writing, "the video for 'Trouble' certainly doesn't tread cautiously, as the foursome ferociously tear through a suburban house in a high energy haze." Stern added, "Unlike some of their competition, Little Mix a

    • 30 August 2013
    • RCA
  8. Neon Jungle – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre › wiki › Neon_Jungle

    Neon Jungle Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Neon Jungle foi um girl group britânico constituído por Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy, Jessica Plummer e Asami Zdrenka. Elas eram mais conhecidas por seu segundo single " Braveheart ", que atingiu o número quatro no UK Singles Chart.

  9. Braveheart (song) - Wikipedia › wiki › Braveheart_(Neon_Jungle_song)
    • Overview
    • Background
    • Composition
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    • Chart performance
    • Music video

    "Braveheart" is a song recorded by British girl group Neon Jungle for their debut studio album, Welcome to the Jungle. It was released by RCA Records as the album's second single on 17 January 2014. The track was written and produced by American rapper Snob Scrilla, with additional songwriting by Cassie Davis and additional production by Baby. "Braveheart" conceptualized accidentally when the group found its demo version on the song producers' laptop and insisted that they record the song. It is

    "Braveheart" was written and produced by Snob Scrilla, with additional songwriting by Cassie Davis and additional production by Baby. It was mixed by James F. Reynolds and mastered by Dick Beetham. Scrilla and Davis were responsible for the track's keyboard instrumentation and synthesizer melody. "Braveheart" conceptualized "as an accident" when Neon Jungle were in the studio and "raided" their producer's laptop and found the song's beat; group member Jessica Plummer stated, "from that very seco

    "Braveheart" is an uptempo EDM dance-pop song, which runs for a duration of three minutes and 44 seconds. It draws influence from house music, and combines guttural low end bass throbs with arching falsettos. The track's "euphoric" instrumentation consists of a "hammering" bass line, "hands-in-the-air" synths and "pulsing" beats. Sonically, Neon Jungle solicit "Braveheart" with "bad-ass" attitude and "in-your-face" personality. It comprises elements of 90s throwback electro dance amidst an aggre

    "Braveheart" received generally favourable reviews from contemporary music critics, who were however divided in opinion on its rap section. Scottish newspaper the Daily Record awarded the song a four -star rating and quipped, "Little Mix sound like old ladies compared to this". Idolator's Sam Lansky deemed the track "one of the most blisteringly cool dance-pop singles in a long while," and lauded it as "weird, dark, pummeling and thoroughly out-of-the-box." Lansky went on to deem "Braveheart" a

    "Braveheart" became a commercial success for Neon Jungle and is to-date their most successful single in all the territories in which it charted. Upon its chart breakthrough, Vada Magazine writer Mark Rocks commented that Neon Jungle "looked set to live up to the hype they were receiving". "Braveheart" became Neon Jungle's first top ten single in the United Kingdom. It debuted at number four on the UK Singles Chart issued for 1 February 2014, selling a total of 63,743 copies in its first week. It

    "Braveheart" was accompanied by a music video directed by Emil Nava. The clip premiered online on 11 December 2013. The music video sees Neon Jungle featured in darkened, red-and-green-hued spaces, performing "defiantly" while being lit up by the illuminous colours. It depicts the group as "in touch with their spirit animals". Imagery of lions, wolves, owls and doves also appear in the visual for "Braveheart". Writing for music website, Idolator, Sam Lansky felt the music video was "the perfect

    • 3:44
    • 17 January 2014
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    Neon Jungle Origin London, United Kingdom Genres Electropop, dance-pop Years active 2013–present Labels Sony, RCA Website Members Shereen Cutkelvin Asami Zdrenka Jess Plummer Amira McCart

    Shereen Cutkelvin (born 2 December 1996 (age 17)) from Lanark in Scotland, is the youngest member of the band. Cutkelvin admits her shyness, but claims she’s "been singing since she could walk and talk". She was inspired by her father, and considers him her "musical idol ...

    Amira McCarthy (born 2 February 1996 (age 18) in London, England) has always known that performing was something she wanted to do. She has said that the moment she realised that the route she wanted to go down was music as opposed to acting or dancing was when she took part ...

    Jessica Kate "Jess" Plummer (born 16 September 1992 (age 21)) is the oldest member of the band. Plummer is from London and had previously worked as an actress. She appeared in two episodes of CBBCseries Wizards vs Aliens. Her musical idols include Mariah Carey, Rihanna and ...

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