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  2. Find out the incredible facts behind what really causes sepsis. Learn the shocking causes, triggers, and risk factors of sepsis right now.

  1. Sepsis is a serious medical condition caused by the body's response to an infection. In newborns, sepsis can cause swelling throughout the body and possible organ failure.

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    Neonatal sepsis can be caused by bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E coli), Listeria, and some strains of streptococcus. Group B streptococcus (GBS) has been a major cause of neonatal sepsis. However, this problem has become less common because women are screened during pregnancy. The herpes simplex virus (HSV) can also cause a severe infection in a newborn baby. This happens most often when the mother is newly infected.

    Early-onset neonatal sepsis most often appears within 24 to 48 hours of birth. The baby gets the infection from the mother before or during delivery. The following increase an infant's risk of early-onset bacterial sepsis:

    Babies with late-onset neonatal sepsis are infected after delivery. The following increase an infant's risk of sepsis after delivery:

  2. Although neonatal sepsis was associated with significantly increased autism risk for both boys and girls, incident rates and HR point estimates suggested that the effect may be stronger in girls. Conclusion: Neonatal sepsis is associated with increased risk of autism diagnosis in preterm- and term-born children.

    • Darios Getahun, Michael J Fassett, Michael J Fassett, Anny H Xiang, Vicki Y Chiu, Harpreet S Takhar,...
    • 2021
  3. Jun 28, 2021 · Neonatal sepsis consists of microorganisms invading a newborn’s blood; these microorganisms are usually different types of bacteria.Although this condition can affect anyone, there are two particularly vulnerable population groups: newborn babies and the elderly.

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  5. Effect of sepsis and systemic inflammatory response syndrome on neonatal hearing screening outcomes following gentamicin exposure Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol . 2015 Nov;79(11):1915-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ijporl.2015.09.004.

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  6. Neonatal sepsis is the cause of substantial morbidity and mortality. Precise estimates of neonatal sepsis burden vary by setting. Differing estimates of disease burden have been reported from high-income countries compared with reports from low-income and middle-income countries. The clinical manifestations range from subclinical infection to severe manifestations of focal or systemic disease ...

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