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    Diane Elizabeth Lewis is the third wife of Ron Swanson (although it would be his fourth marriage, as Ron married Tammy 2 twice), as well as the mother of two young girls from a prior relationship and a son named Jon, her child with Ron. She is a middle school vice principal, and has stated she "deals with hormonal psychopaths all of the time".

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    From 2012 to 2015, Lawless had a recurring role on the NBC series Parks and Recreation as Diane, the love interest and eventual wife of Ron Swanson. In 2014, she guest starred in Agents of Shield as Isabelle Hartley in the season two premiere, [32] and reprised the role later in episode 15 of season two, ' One Door Closes .'

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    Jan 02, 2021 · Romancing Ron Swanson By far one of Lawless' most beloved roles since leaving Xena has to be as Diane Lewis in Parks and Recreation, the single mother with whom Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson falls...

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    Ron enjoys being alone. Ron presents himself with a steely demeanor in the office, however he secretly plays the saxophone as Duke Silver. He also enjoys artichokes, plums, and intense riddles or scavenger hunts. (Only Leslie Knope knows this.)

    Ron was born to Tamara Swanson and was delivered by his future wife, also known as Tammy 1, a candy striper at the hospital. Ron's birthday has long been a secret kept between him and the people at Baskin-Robbins, although Leslie Knope managed to figure it out. He cried for the first time when he was seven when he was hit by a school bus. When Ron was nine he began work in a sheet metal factory and within two weeks, he was running the floor. When he was eleven he was offered a job at the Tannery where he could work with leather, a dream he always had. He tried to do both as well as finish Middle School but he eventually realized he could only do one thing at a time. Ron attended a prom when he was 12 and while he enjoyed himself, he felt it was unnecessary to go to another one, as he'd felt he was too old for it. When college came around, his dad, feeling that college wasn't important, dropped Ron off at a metal factory. However, Ron hitchhiked and went to college anyway, where he l...

    Ron Swanson was Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department for six years. Ron believes in the elimination of government waste, and during his tenure always brought the department under budget.Ron believes the government should be privatized and follow the business model of Chuck E. Cheese's family entertainment chain. While at the department, he closed many unnecessary recreational spaces, including the Portola Skate Park, the Grice Dog Run, the Morris-Easton Observatory, the Mohanga Native American Heritage Center, and most public drinking fountains. He is usually non-confrontational and gives Leslie a lot of leeway to run the department. He keeps the shell of a claymore mine (secretly filled with party supplies, he doesn't know this until the episode: Leslie & Ron) and a sawed-off shotgun on his desk, so people who ask for things have to stare down the barrel. He also enjoys woodworking, breakfast meats, and the works of Ayn Rand. He is also an avid hunter and fisherma...

    Season 1

    Ron originally does not want to approve Leslie's bid to fill in a construction pit and turn it into a park because he is so opposed to government interference, he does not believe the parks department should build parks. However, he is convinced to green-light the project when city planner Mark Brendanawiczcashes in an unspecified favor. Ron attempts to leave government employment and take a job offer that was previously offered to him at an Internet flower company website, but when he finds...

    Season 2

    In "The Stakeout," Ron suffers from a hernia, for which April Ludgate has to take him to the hospital, much to his disdain. Ron discovers his coworker Tom Haverford's green card marriage with Wendy, but agrees to keep it secret, especially after Tom discovers Ron secretly moonlights as a nightclub jazz musician with the name, "Duke Silver." Ron gets shot in the head in "Hunting Trip," when mocking Leslie, he mentions his brothers, who don't show up until Season 7. When Pawnee implements a pol...

    Season 3

    Jealous over Ron dating Wendy, Tom Haverford briefly dates Tammy to get even, but the plan backfires when Ron and Tammy get drunk, have lots of sex, puts Ron's hair in cornrows, and get married again. Once again, under Tammy's control, Ron wants to start a family with Tammy, ignoring his friend's pleas to stop. Tom returns to tell Ron that Tammy mentioned that she was only trying to make Ron miserable, and Tammy begins beating up Tom. Seeing Tom get his ass kicked snaps Ron out of his Tammy-h...

    Ron has an alter-ego, Duke Silver; talented jazz saxophonist who plays at Cozy's Bar, in Eagleton.
    The character is believed to have been largely based on Nick Offerman himself as well as "Simpsons" writer, John Swartzwelder, who creator Greg Daniels had worked with and who is also a staunch sma...
    In the season two episode "Practice Date," actor Nick Offerman's tattoos can be seen on each of his biceps underneath his shirt sleeves. They appear again in season three episode "Ron & Tammy: Part...
    There have only been three times when Ron has not had his full mustache.
    Ron owns a wood shop(which is Nick's actual workshop).
    Ron also owns a cabin at 9301 Cedar Crest Drive, where he hid from Tammy 1. He has owned several other cabins, at least one of which he sold to April after his marriage to Diane.
    Ron f*****g Swanson - Everyone
    Ronfire of the Vanities -Tom
    Swansong -Jean-Ralphio
    Ron in Sixty Seconds -Tom
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    View the profiles of people named Diane Swanson. Join Facebook to connect with Diane Swanson and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to...

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    Jul 03, 2020 · Ron Swanson isn't a big fan of people but the few he cares about, he cares about for life. Parks & Recreation was filled by some of the greatest characters on TV. It started off with a great ...

  9. Oct 04, 2012 · How a Bill Becomes a Law: Directed by Ken Whittingham. With Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza. Leslie is forced to make a sacrifice to assure passage of a bill, Ron meets a single woman while fixing a pothole, and Ben and April are stuck in a parking lot and can't make it back to Pawnee.

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    Megan Mullally as Tammy Swanson (also known as "Tammy Two"), a librarian and Ron's sex-crazed ex-wife. Ben Schwartz as Jean-Ralphio, Tom's best friend and frequent business associate. Mo Collins as Joan Callamezzo, a Pawnee talk show host known for her ludicrous behavior and time on the show Pawnee Today.

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