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    • 1. connect as or operate with a network: "the stock exchanges have proven to be resourceful in networking these deals"
    • 2. interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts: "it's so important to network when starting a new business"

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  2. 1. any combination of intersecting or interconnecting filaments, lines, passages, etc.: a network of veins; a network of caves. 2. a. a group of transmitting stations linked by wire or microwave relay so that the same radio or television program can be broadcast by all. b. a company or organization that provides the programs for these stations.

  3. Aug 31, 1996 · Updated on: March 2, 2022. A network is defined as a group of two or more computer systems linked together. There are many types of computer networks, including the following: Local-area networks (LANs): The computers are geographically close together (that is, in the same building). Wide-area networks (WANs): The computers are farther apart ...

  4. N10-008. N10-007. Launch Date. September 15, 2021. March 2018. Exam Description. CompTIA Network+ validates the technical skills needed to securely establish, maintain and troubleshoot the essential networks that businesses rely on. CompTIA Network+ N10-007 has been updated and reorganized to address the current networking technologies with ...

  5. Synonyms & Antonyms of network 1 a fabric made of strands loosely twisted, knotted, or woven together at regular intervals didn't like to embroider network as it tore so easily Synonyms for network mesh, net, netting web, webbing grille (also grill), lattice, screen, screening, wirework bobbinet, Brussels lace, filigree, fishnet, lace, marquisette,

  6. Check your network connection status Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 11 lets you quickly check your network connection status. Select the Start button, then type settings. Select Settings > Network & internet. The status of your network connection will appear at the top. Check your network connection status SUBSCRIBE RSS FEEDS

  7. In Windows 10, select Start , then select Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network and Sharing Center. In Windows 11, select Start, type control panel, then select Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center . Select Set up a new connection or network. Select Set up a new network, then choose Next.

  8. Network is a global distribution organization. We work with customers to design supply management solutions in a core set of industries. Backed by the power of local support and expertise, we champion your corporate goals to source, order, and receive products and help deliver your success.

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