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    The New England Fifty Finest is a list of mountains in New England, used in the mountaineering sport of peak bagging.The list comprises the 50 summits with the highest topographic prominence — a peak's height above the lowest contour which encloses that peak and no higher peak.

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    Sometimes wikipedia editing is good, sometimes not so good. Back in 2013, an anonymous editor added a 51st m0untain that didn't belong. That was removed within a month or two, but all of us failed to notice that the editor had changed the introductory sentence to say that this is a list of 51 peaks.

  4. Mount Cabot - Wikipedia

    It is also on the New England Fifty Finest list of the most topographically prominent peaks. The valley of the Israel River separates the Pilot Range from the rest of the White Mountains; Mt. Cabot's relative isolation gives it the fifth-highest topographic prominence in New Hampshire, and the fourteenth-highest in New England .

    • 4,160+ ft (1,268+ m) 
    • Pilot Range
  5. New England Fifty Finest List - Best Maps Ever

    The 'New England Fifty Finest' is a list of the 50 most prominent peaks in New England states. This list differs from most Northeast peak-bagging lists in that it's based on prominence rather than summit elevation. Prominence lists tend to be more spread out and are great for getting climbers to explore more isolated peaks in new areas.

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    Parvin Loloi, Hafiz, Master of Persian Poetry: A Critical Bibliography - English Translations Since the Eighteenth Century (2004. I.B. Tauris) E. G. Browne. Literary History of Persia. (Four volumes, 2,256 pages, and twenty-five years in the writing with a new introduction by J.T.P De Bruijn). 1997. ISBN 978-0-936347-66-0; Will Durant, The ...

  7. New England 50 Finest - NH Mountain Hiking

    This list includes 50 New England peaks with highest prominence based on the Wikipedia List. Caribou (uncertain height) is the 51st peak. To find these peaks see a Google Map: New England 50 Finest - NH New England 50 Finest - Maine New England 50 Finest - Vermont Some of these peaks are on other lists: # New England 4000-Footers

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  9. HIKING LIST: New England Fifty Finest (NE50F) << back to other hiking lists in New England : The New England Fifty Finest list contains fifty mountains with topographic prominence between 1,820 feet and 6,150'. There is currently no patch available for hiking this list. Click here for a printable mountain checklist

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    This listing page belongs to Wikipedia:WikiProject Dictionary of National Biography, spun out of the “missing article” project, and is concerned with checking whether Wikipedia has articles for all those listed in the Dictionary of National Biography (DNB), a 63-volume British biographical dictionary published 1885-1900 and now in the public domain.

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