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  1. List of New England Fifty Finest - Wikipedia

    The New England Fifty Finest is a list of mountains in New England, used in the mountaineering sport of peak bagging.The list comprises the 50 summits with the highest topographic prominence — a peak's height above the lowest contour which encloses that peak and no higher peak.

  2. Mount Cabot - Wikipedia

    It is also on the New England Fifty Finest list of the most topographically prominent peaks. The valley of the Israel River separates the Pilot Range from the rest of the White Mountains; Mt. Cabot's relative isolation gives it the fifth-highest topographic prominence in New Hampshire, and the fourteenth-highest in New England .

  3. List of New England Hundred Highest - Wikipedia

    The New England Hundred Highest is a list of the hundred highest summits in New England, used in the mountaineering sport of peak bagging.The list is a superset of the New England Four-thousand footers, with the same requirement that each included peak must have 200 feet (61 meters) of topographic prominence ("optimistic" prominence, equivalent to 160 ft (49 m) of "clean" prominence).

  4. History of New England - Wikipedia

    The rural economy of New England: a regional study (1950) online online; Bremer, Francis J. The Puritan Experiment: New England Society from Bradford to Edwards (1995). Brewer, Daniel Chauncey. Conquest of New England by the Immigrant (1926). online; Buell, Lawrence. New England Literary Culture: From Revolution through Renaissance. (Cambridge ...

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  7. Camel's Hump - Wikipedia's_Hump_(Vermont)

    Highest point; Elevation: 4,083 ft (1,244 m) Prominence: 1,860 ft (570 m) Listing: New England 4,000-footers New England Fifty Finest #46: Coordinates

  8. Dorset Mountain - Wikipedia

    Dorset Mountain located in Vermont, on the border of Rutland and Bennington counties, is a mountain of the Taconic Range.The highest summit of Dorset Mountain is within the town of Danby.

  9. History of Harvard University - Wikipedia

    With some 17,000 Puritans migrating to New England by 1636, Harvard was founded in anticipation of the need for training clergy for the new commonwealth, a "church in the wilderness". Harvard was established in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony .

  10. New England | History & Facts | Britannica

    New England, region, northeastern United States, including the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The region was named by Captain John Smith, who explored its shores in 1614 for some London merchants. New England was then soon settled by English Puritans.

  11. The Atlantic - Wikipedia

    The Atlantic is an American magazine and multi-platform publisher. It was founded in 1857 in Boston, Massachusetts, as The Atlantic Monthly, a literary and cultural commentary magazine that published leading writers' commentary on the abolition of slavery, education, and other major issues in contemporary political affairs.