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  1. Books of the New Testament in Order Activity Sometimes learning all the books of the Bible from both the Old and New Testaments at one time can be a challenge. You may wish to help your kids by starting with just the New Testament.

  2. A bookshelf timeline appears at the top of each “Fact File” which helps give kids an big picture understanding of time & place for each book in the New Testament. Fill in the Blank Paragraph Each fact file includes a short paragraph with background information on the specific book of the New Testament being studied.

    • 4 Books of The Bible Card Games
    • Books of The Bible Facts and Fun
    • More Books of The Bible Games

    Here are 4 options for books of the Bible card games. Download the full set of cards below. To make the activities easier/faster, skip the coloring and print the cards on colorful card stock.

    Hidden Word

    All the books of the Bible are on this activity page. While kids are simply coloring those in (and learning them!), they’ll also be discovering a secret message.

    Old Testament Surprise

    This “messy” page sure doesn’t look like a work of art. But as kids color in the names of the Old Testament books … well, they’re in for a surprise!

    Computer Art

    Kids will enjoy the challenge of staying on track to trace over the names of all the New Testament books. (We’ve done the first one to get them started.) But—Shhh!—they won’t know until they finish and step back that they’ve also drawn a picture!

    Bible Ball Toss

    Here’s an active and fun way to learn the Bible book names. There are several variations, so you can adapt the game to your particular group! Bible Skill: Put the books of the Bible in the correct order Materials: Bibles, ball Preparation: Make copies of the contents pages from a Bible (1 per student).

    Book Guess

    Use this guessing game to help kids learn the names and spellings of the books of the Bible. You can be creative and play according to categories, like books in a given Bible division, the most difficult book names, and so forth. Bible Skill:Identify and Spell Books Materials: Bibles, whiteboard and dry-erase marker (or large sheet of paper and marker)

    Mixed-Up Books

    This friendly competition is a way for two teams to learn the divisions of the books of the New Testament—and to get a clearer idea of God’s big-picture plan. Bible Skill:Identify Bible divisions in the New Testament Materials: Bibles, index cards, marker, masking tape Preparation: Print the names of the books of the New Testament on index cards, one name per card. On separate cards, print the names of the main divisions of New Testament books (Gospels, History, Letters, Prophecy). Make at le...

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  4. The New Testament, by comparison, is smaller (fewer books) and covers a relatively short period of time. The entire New Testament probably was written within a 70 year period or less. Divisions of the Old Testament Books. The Old Testament consists generally of four types of literature: Law, History, Poetry, and the Prophets.

  5. Conquest God kept His promise to Abraham and gave his family the land of Canaan to be their home. There were people already living in the land, so the Israelites had to fight for it. Obedience to God led to victory while disobedience brought defeat. God commanded Israel to remove all the wicked Canaanites, but they did not.

  6. Stock No: WW941953. The Bible Timeline for Kids gives kids a fun, creative way to visualize when events in biblical books occurred and aids them in placing biblical events into historical context.

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