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  1. List of synth-pop artists - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Synth-pop (also known as electropop or technopop) is a music genre that uses the synthesizer as the dominant musical instrument. With the genre becoming popular in the late 1970s and 1980s, the following article is a list of notable synthpop acts, listed by the first letter in their name (not including articles such as "a", "an", or "the").

  2. Still Disturbing the Peace: New Liberation Hall Label ...

    Today · The vaults of San Francisco indie label 415 Records have opened! 415 was founded in 1978 by rock promoter Howie Klein and record store owner Chris Knab. Together with friend and collector Butch Bridges, they built a powerhouse indie label focusing on young new wave bands such as SVT, The…

  3. Heart of Glass (song) - Wikipedia

    21 hours ago · "Heart of Glass" is a song by the American new wave band Blondie, written by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein. It was featured on the band's third studio album, Parallel Lines (1978), and was released as the album's third single in January 1979 and reached number one on the charts in several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

  4. A New Wave Of Jazz Upcoming Releases – Avant Music News

    1 day ago · Performed on July 18th 2020, this music was recorded simultaneously in two locations – Brockley and Sint-Lenaarts – using the JackTrip software to transmit/receive the live sound via the internet.

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  5. Crowded House Albums: Ranked from Worst to Best – Aphoristic ...

    Today · Neil Finn grew up in the provincial town of Te Awamutu, New Zealand, and joined his brother Tim in art-rock band Split Enz as a teenaged guitarist. When they switched gears to new wave pop, Neil provided their most recognisable song, 'I Got You'.

  6. I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME – Razzmatazz | Reasonably Late

    1 day ago · By Samuel StevensRelease Date: October 23, 2020October 16, 2020Genre: New Wave, Indie Pop, Electronic RockLabel: Fearless RecordsSalt Lake City's I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, or iDKHOW for short, is the new wave/pop duo made up of frontman and multi-instrumentalist Dallon Weekes, alongside drummer Ryan Seaman.

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  8. Introducing: Edora - For You - Lefuturewave

    Today · Swedish band Edora recently released new single For You. This is music for the soul. Every second feels like a minute. Sounds floating around. Good vibes are everywhere. The song features powerful vocals, brilliant guitar work, smooth grooves and memorable hooks. Lyrically, Edora remains as thoughtful as ever. They are modern poets. For You is […]

  9. In-plane wave propagation analysis of fluid-filled L-Shape ...

    Today · In order to reduce the vibration of planar pipe systems assembled by multiple segments, bends and supports, an impedance synthesis method, which is ba…

  10. New 80/40 HWEF! | PA3HHO's

    1 day ago · Today I made a new transformer for my dual band 80/40 HWEF. After all the experiments with 52 toroids, I came to the conclusion that even though the efficiency of this mix is very good, it's not suitable for lower frequencies because it has too little magnetising inductance.


    1 day ago · A new book from Rizzoli features the life and antics of one of the skate world’s most prolific skaters — Mark Gonzales. In the similarly titled book, The Gonz exposes some of his non-skate sides with personal artwork, poems, and writings interspersed with interviews spanning a wide who’s who of personalities in the art and skate scene.

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