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    To distinguish the state from New York City, which is the largest city in the state, it is sometimes referred to as New York State. Two-thirds of the state's population lives in the New York metropolitan area (including nearly 40% on Long Island). The state and city were named for the 17th-century Duke of York, the future King James II of England.

    • July 26, 1788 (11th)
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    25,145 ()32,645 ()Government website; The first case of COVID-19 in the U.S. state of New York during the pandemic was confirmed on March 1, 2020, and the state quickly became an epicenter of the pandemic, with a record 12,274 new cases reported on April 4.

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    New York state. New York metropolitan area, the region encompassing New York City and its suburbs; New York County, covering the same area as the New York City borough of Manhattan New York, the U.S. Postal Service address designating Manhattan; Province of New York, a British colony preceding the state of New York; Other states

  4. The larger part of New York, north and northwest of the metropolitan area, is called "Upstate New York". Cities in this part of New York include Buffalo, the state's second largest city, Rochester, Syracuse, and the state capital of Albany. These places became cities because of the Erie Canal. Between 1788 and 1797, the Legislature moved the ...

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    Para kareng tala da reng lakanbalen, balen, ampong ocunties ning New York,lawen ya ing Tala da reng lakanbalen king New York, Tala da reng balen king New York, Tala da reng barriu king New York, ampong Tala da reng counties king New York. New York City (8,143,197) Buffalo (279,745) Rochester (211,091) Yonkers (196,425) Syracuse (141,683) Albany ...

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    New York (/njuː ˈjɔrk/; locally [nɪu ˈjoək] or [nuː ˈjɔrk]) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic an Northeastren regions o the Unitit States an is the nation's thrid maist populous. The state haes laundmairches wi New Jersey an Pennsylvania tae the sooth, an Connecticut , Massachusetts an Vermont tae the east.

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    The New York State Senate is the upper house of the New York State Legislature, the New York State Assembly being the lower house. Its members are elected to two-year terms; there are no term limits. As of 2014, there are 63 seats in the Senate.

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    State Parks in New York. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen Des is a Listn vo de New Yorks im US-Bundesstoot Alabama. State Parks A. Allegany State Park ...

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    New York este unul din statele fondatoare ale Statelor Unite ale Americii, fiind în același timp una din fostele colonii britanice din America de Nord care s-au răsculat împotriva Marii Britanii, ceea ce a condus la Războiul American de Independență.

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    Orașul New York este situat în nord-estul Statelor Unite ale Americii, și în sud-estul Statului New York, la aproximativ jumătatea distanței dintre Washington D.C. și Boston. Zona de la gura râului Hudson , ce se varsă în Oceanul Atlantic , a ajutat orașul să crească în importanță din punct de vedere al comerțului.