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  1. This report provided an evidence summary of how climate change will affect the health of New Zealanders. The impacts identified are: direct health impacts of climate change (increased flooding, fires and infrastructure damage, displacement and extreme temperatures)

  2. 3.1 Stratospheric ozone depletion 3.2 Vector-borne diseases 3.3 Floods, droughts and water supplies 3.4 Effects on regional stability Responses Research Needs 5.1 Vector-borne disease modelling 5.2 Collaborative research in the Pacific 5.3 Effects on water availability and quality 5.4 Impacts on vulnerable groups

    • Species Distribution and Numbers, and Ecosystems Will Be Affected
    • Extreme Weather and Rising Seas Will Affect Our Cities and Towns
    • Risks to Human Health from Diseases Could Increase
    • Demand For Water Is Likely to Increase as Agriculture Is Affected by Droughts

    Climate change is likely to shift where some native and introduced species are found. Higher water temperatures could cause species to be found further south but be lost from the northern parts of their current ranges. Affected species may include stream invertebrates like kōura, and native fish, trout, and salmon (Ryan & Ryan, 2006). Warmer temper...

    Extreme rainfall events are likely to become more common in most areas and could cause increased flooding (Royal Society Te Apārangi, 2016). Flooding can damage housing and transport, energy, stormwater, and wastewater systems. About 675,000 New Zealanders are estimated to live in areas prone to flooding from rainfall and overflowing rivers (Paulik...

    The health risks from drinking or swimming in water contaminated with pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) such as E. coli and salmonella may increase if extreme rainfall and floods become more frequent (Britton et al, 2010; Gluckman et al, 2017, Hendy et al, 2018; Bennett et al, 2014; Cann et al, 2013) (see Pollution can have health risks). ...

    A more variable climate will make droughts and floods more likely. Low rainfall and soil moisture reduce the growth and yield of crops, while long periods of drought can make plants wilt permanently. The timing of a drought makes a big difference to its effect. In late summer when plants have mostly finished growing for the season, a drought does n...

  3. Major risks of the projected climate changes for New Zealand include: More droughts, high winds and localised flooding Increasing water shortages in eastern areas Growing pest and disease problems Costs of changing land-use activities to suit the new climate. Precipitation change.

  4. 1 hour ago · In a paper published in the journal PeerJ, an international team of researchers shows that, despite ocean water temperature around the island country modestly increasing by 0.04°C per decade from...

  5. A new report on the state of New Zealand’s marine environment warns of the serious effects of climate change and other issues on the unique life in our oceans and coasts. New Zealand marine report warns of effects of climate change and other issues on oceans and coasts | Stats NZ

  6. Built environment The built environment affects our everyday lives in both negative and positive ways. Climate change and environmental health The impacts of climate change in Aotearoa New Zealand will become more pronounced as time goes on. Drinking water

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