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  1. Sep 22, 2021 · ‘Geordie’ simply means that something is from Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle upon Tyne being a lovely city in the north of England. The Newcastle accent is a Geordie accent. A person from Newcastle is a Geordie. I, Paul McDougal, am a Geordie. But where does the word come from? This is a pretty big mystery.

    • ”Whaat Fettle?” – How Are You
    • The NEET – Tonight
    • Howway – Come on
    • Tettie – Potato
    • Whey Aye – of Course
    • He’Si’ The Toon – He Is in Newcastle
    • Varry Canny – Alright
    • Gan – Go

    If you every meet a Geordie who approaches you with a ‘Whaat Fettle’, don’t worry. That person is absolutely not trying to offend you or attack you with some incomprehensible offensive words that you really can’t catch or understand. ‘Whaat Fettle’ in Geordie means ‘How are you’. You wouldn’t expect this translation as the words are nowhere close t...

    Another Geordie expression that will make you wonder if this dialect can actually be considered English or a completely foreign language. Seems that only the Geordie would be able to understand each other. It’s funny how a Geordie could be potentially asking you out “tonight” without you being able to say yes because you couldn’t catch the meaning ...

    Contrary to what you may have though “howway” means, that is not a Geordie way to send away people they don’t like. “Howway” means “come on”. Yet another expression that is nowhere close to what you’d expect in English. If you are planning a trip in the Geordie city, this is another word you need to know about. This is yet another one of the Geordi...

    Non-Geordies will always find this hilarious. The fact that a simple word like potato can be said in such a different way by people of the same country. This is a proof that Geordies probably share less vocabulary with the rest of Britain than the whole nation does with other countries.

    Reader out there, pay attention to this word. Contrary to what you may have thought reading this, Whey Aye is an expression that has nothing to do with either a time (when) or year (aye). It just simple means ‘Of Course’. In a sentence: “would you like to come over for dinner?” “Whey aye!”

    Newcastle is known by its inhabitants as “the toon”. Geordies call Newcastle the toon because that’s how they’d pronounce the word ‘town’. According to a lecturer of English Language at Newcastle University, this is related to the origin of the word “Tun” used in the old English spoken by the Anglo-Saxons.

    “Varry Canny” is a Geordie way to say that everything is alright, and there is nothing the rest of the world can do about it. This Geordie expression will probably sound even more interesting than it is typed in words.

    Last but not least the Geordie word to say “Go” is “Gan”. No, the Geordie guy didn’t mean to say he’s got a GUN, he was just referring to the act of moving far away from you when he said he’s got to “gan”.

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  3. The accent of Newcastle upon Tyne is commonly known as Geordie. These materials include native speakers from Newcastle and others from the northeast of England. $30.00 Add to cart Description AUDIO FILES Newcastle Geordie Accent Learning Materials

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