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    Fortis N.V./S.A. was a Belgian financial company active in insurance, banking and investment management.In 2007 it was the 20th largest financial services business in the world by revenue but after encountering severe problems in the financial crisis of 2008, most of the company was sold in parts, with only insurance activities remaining.

  2. "The monograph focuses attention on the description and analysis of new phenomena and processes for commercial and non-commercial organizations. Valid conditions are pointed out for the functioning of both commercial and non-commercial

  3. [From back cover] The development of computing technologies have from the very beginning been tightly interwoven with the development of cooperative work. Over the last couple of decades, computing technologies are also and increasingly being

  4. Entrepreneurialization, Resistance, and the Crisis of the Universities: A Case Study of the University of Texas at Austin

  5. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

  6. "Some experts and professors at University of Parma spontaneously join together to create a virtual organization to transcend barriers and create invisible bridges between disciplines. Co-Lab aims to meet needs concerning knowledge and learning

  7. May 30, 2010 · Also, Luxemburg rather intrinsically (and even in an empiricist fashion) emphasised on “undeveloped part of the world” in conjunction with value analysis, thus made herself a target of hollow criticism by the neo-harmonists (Grossmann’s apt characterisation) within the “Austro-Marxist” school.

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