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  1. Nicolaus Mulerius 1564-1630 - University of Groningen

    Nicolaus received some education in calvinist Bruges, among others from the Flemish humanist Jacobus Cruquius. Around 1580 Petrus Mulerius (Pierre des Muliers had latinized his name) and his son Nicolaus arrived in Leyden. In 1582 Nicolaus started as a student at the University of Leyden, a relatively new school which had been founded in 1575.

  2. order of the dragon - Манастир Манасија

    T he Order of the Dragon was established on 12 December 1408 by the Hungarian king, subsequently Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg. The order chose Saint George and Saint Magdalene as their patrons, and the reason for establishing it was to protect the Christian Europe and Christian values jeopardized by the young Asian civilization that aspired to aggressively impose its religion and its ...

  3. List of economists - Wikipedia

    Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. (1918–2007), US professor of business history at Harvard Business School and Johns Hopkins University Ha-Joon Chang (b. 1963), Korean, one of the leading heterodox economists and institutional economists specialising in development economics

  4. Martin Nicolaus – Page 6

    From Mike Seltzer, Oslo, April 21 2020 A short note about how things are developing here in the Nordic countries, specifically Norway, Denmark, and Finland, with a side look at Sweden.

  5. Marxist Legal Theory: The State - Critical Legal Thinking

    Jun 29, 2020 · The other was the “capital logic” school, which sought to derive the form of the capitalist state from a starting point with the category of capital. 37 John Holloway and Sol Picciotto (eds), State and Capital: A Marxist Debate (London: Edward Arnold, 1978).

  6. 1860 Saukville Township - page 2 -

    Ozaukee County Census. 1860 Ozaukee County Census - Saukville Township Herman Schulteis, Enumerator Page 2

  7. About us - Deutsche Credit

    After starting his career at PFPC as fund accountant he was auditor at Ernst & Young and KPMG in Luxemburg from 2003 to 2005 before joining Mercuria Services, a Luxemburg based corporate service provider, as General Manager. Mr. Chinchon is member of several boards and industry associations.

  8. Buda Castle - Wikipedia

    Buda Castle (Hungarian: Budavári Palota, German: Burgpalast) is the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest.It was first completed in 1265, but the massive Baroque palace today occupying most of the site was built between 1749 and 1769.

  9. In Memory Of

    Herman in 1933. Al grew up in Sidney and a ©ended school unl he enlisted in the US Navy in 1945. Al married the love of his life, Lydia Cook from Fairview, MT on December 20, 1947. To this union two children, Karen Lee and Alvin “Butch” were born. Al worked for Holly Sugar for several years unl 1950 when he went to work for MDU Company.

  10. History of Bratislava - Wikipedia

    Bratislava (Hungarian: Pozsony, German: Pressburg), currently the capital of Slovakia and the country's largest city, has existed for about a thousand years. Due to the city's strategic geographical location, it was an important European hub due to its proximity to the advanced cultures of the Mediterranean and the Orient as well as its link to the rest of Europe, which were possible by the ...