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    • 1. the time between evening and morning; the time of darkness: "they asked police for extra night-time patrols"
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  3. A time when black folk is not be saw. a substance released into the very molecules of oxygen you breathe when the sun goes down and the moon rises. this substance has been classified by the scientific community as a drug. it's dank as fuck too lol people generally experience this dank ass drug late at night when they're trying to pull an all-nighter. however, it isn't the body's reaction to ...

  4. It was night-time, and they were all workmen of the better class. INEFFICIENCY. They landed in the night-time, and caught Oscar asleep. Chapter 8. Seelee arrived, proud in his importance that the great master of Berande should summon him in the night-time for council, and firm in his refusal to step one inch within the dread domain of the bushmen.

  5. a state of mind in which you are so deprived of sleep that you attain a feeling of high much like marajuana. Resulting in, but not limited to; thinking everything is excesively hilarious when in reality it is not or, acting like an idiot while half way between sleep and awake.

  6. The previous answer is perfectly sensible. Legally, “nighttime” has been defined as beginning when the sun descends to 6 degrees below the horizon, ending civil twilight, and ending when the sun ascends to within 6 degrees below the horizon before...

  7. Answer (1 of 2): If you’re referring to the time directly between sunset and sunrise, it depends on where you live and the date, due to the equation of time and daylight saving time.

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