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  1. Night Time Lyrics › lyric-lf › 5210989

    The easy, fast & fun way to learn how to sing: My mind goin crazy in the night time To tell you I love you at the right time Rollin wit the 5, yeah free my slimes Smokin on dat good gas straight from Anaheim I be gettin to da money won't call her Ain't got no kids but I'm still a father Flexin hard wit dat Prada dat I bought her When she hit my line, a reply I won't bother Dog ...

  2. The xx - Night Time Lyrics | › lyrics › xx

    Night time Sympathize I've been working on White lies So I'll tell the truth I'll give it up to you And when the day comes It will have all been fun We'll talk about it soon And I couldn't spill my heart My eyes gleam Looking in from the dark I walk out in stormy weather Hope my words keep us together Steady walking but bound to trip

  3. Night Time Lyrics › lyric › 33690

    Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh It's late at night and the streets are full of sound Neon and steel of wheels are goin' around Everybody wants to play Everybody wants to get away In the night time, in the night time, baby Under the street light dreams are made and broken In shadows of the night they are spoken Doesn't matter what you do all day (Ooh, it doesn't matter) Everybody wants to get away (Ooh, everybody wants to get away) In the night time, in the night time, baby Come and get it ...

  4. Superorganism - Night Time Lyrics | › lyrics › superorganism

    Superorganism Lyrics. "Night Time". (Wake up, wake up, wake up) (Wake up, wake up, wake up) They said sleep is for the weak. And gave into the mantra. The scene was derelict. The Facebook propaganda. My lighter is a candle.

  5. Night Time Lyrics › George+Thorogood › Night+Time

    Well I get up in the morning Kick the covers from my bed The sunlight in my eyes Playin' tricks on my head I work like a dog On the job every day Tryin' to make some money So I can go and play In the night time Oh that's the right time I say the night time That's the right time I wanna be with you In the night time Well I come home from work You know I'm tired of the beat I try to make some supper Get myself something to eat I jump in the shower Wash the world off my back I'm gonna get you ...

  6. Migos - Night Time Lyrics | › lyrics › migos

    Night time night, night time night. Bring the goons out, Bring the shooters out. Bring the woolies out, bring the uzis out. [Verse 1: Quavo] All my niggas keep that Arma 15 in the club. That's that Mario Chalmers. Bet I pull the roolie. Bet I pull the Uzi. If you run up on me sun that chopper it gon' do you.

  7. The xx – Night Time Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › The-xx-night-time-lyrics

    Aug 14, 2009 · Night Time Lyrics: You mean that much to me / And it's hard to show / Gets hectic inside of me / When you go / Can I confess these things / To you / Well I don't know / Embedded in my chest / And it

  8. Superorganism – Night Time Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › Superorganism-night-time-lyrics

    Night Time Lyrics: (Wake up, wake up, wake up) / (Wake up, wake up, wake up) / They said sleep is for the weak / And I gave into the mantra / The scene was derelict / The Facebook propaganda / My

  9. The fin. – Night Time Lyrics | Genius Lyrics › The-fin-night-time-lyrics

    Dec 03, 2014 · Night Time Lyrics: The night air must have brought something to me / All the lights are flickering / My eyes are occupied / There's no need to be straight or clear no more / All things are cold as

  10. Ray Charles – (Night Time Is) The Right Time Lyrics | Genius ... › Ray-charles-night-time-is-the-right

    (Night Time Is) The Right Time Lyrics: You know the night time, darling (Night and day) / Is the right time (Night and day) / To be (Night and day) / With the one you love, now (Night and day ...

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