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  1. This Minecraft tutorial explains how to set the time to night with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. When the game turns to day in Minecraft, you can change the time back to night with a cheat (game command). Let's explore how to set the time to nighttime using the /time command.

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  3. View, comment, download and edit night time Minecraft skins.

  4. Mar 25, 2021 · In Minecraft, as time runs fast, the day/ night cycle is quite different from the real world. The day/ night cycle lasts for about 20 minutes in Minecraft. To complete the entire 24 hours, it takes only 20 minutes in the game.

  5. Minecraft longplay, no commentary - 2 hours of night time (1.17) Sun comes out in the end. EnjoyLike and Subscribe.

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  7. The daylight cycle is a 20-minute-long cycle between two main light settings. In Minecraft, time is exactly 72 times faster than normal time. This can be easily calculated as the proportion 1440⁄20 = 72, since there are 1440 minutes (86400 seconds) in a real day (3600sec × 24hr) and 20 minutes (1200 seconds) in a full Minecraft day, assuming the tick speed is maintained at 20 ticks/second ...

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