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    What is the correct spelling of nighttime?

    Is nighttime a spelling error in Australia?

    Is nighttime a compound word?

    What is an example of nighttime in a sentence?

  2. : the time from dusk to dawn nighttime adjective Legal Definition nighttime noun night· time 1 : the time from dusk to dawn 2 : a statutorily set period usually beginning shortly after dusk and ending shortly after dawn More from Merriam-Webster on nighttime Nglish: Translation of nighttime for Spanish Speakers

  3. Jun 12, 2021 · “Nighttime” and “night-time,” the latter a British variant spelled with a hyphen, are the only correct compound word forms. “Nighttime” refers to the time of the day when the sun disappears, and darkness falls, lasting until sunrise the following day. It has many synonyms, but we never write “nighttime” as two separate words.

  4. Oct 6, 2022 · ‘Nighttime' is one of the words you can use to describe the various times of day, specifically referring to the period after the sun has set in the evening but before it has risen in the morning. ‘Nighttime’ is the most common and recognized spelling, while the hyphenated ‘night-time’ is acceptable in British English.

  5. 1 : the time from dusk to dawn when no sunlight is visible The store is open all night. 2 a : an evening or night taken as an occasion or point of time the opening night b : an evening set aside for a particular purpose Thursdays is game night in our house. 3 a : the quality or state of being dark approached the enemy's camp under cover of night b

  6. Nov 21, 2019 · The compound word nighttime is a US spelling. In Australia the spelling is not listed in either the Macquarie dictionary or the Australian Oxford dictionary, so nighttime should be considered a spelling error in Australia. The Macquarie dictionary lists night-time as a noun, with no reference to night time.

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