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      • “Nighttime” and “night-time,” the latter a British variant spelled with a hyphen, are the only correct compound word forms. “Nighttime” refers to the time of the day when the sun disappears, and darkness falls, lasting until sunrise the following day.
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  2. Oct 06, 2022 · If you are writing in US English, the correct spelling is ‘nighttime.’. However, if you’re writing in British English, the hyphenated ‘night-time’ is acceptable in addition to the more common ‘nighttime.’. Across the internet, you will find people writing ‘nighttime’ as ‘night time,’ but this is not technically correct ...

  3. Jun 12, 2021 · Strategy 1. When both words are nouns, it’s essential to understand the context that they are referring to. For example, “nighttime” refers to more specific hours of darkness once the sun goes down. Remember that, in contrast, “night” is generally a countable noun that refers to the time between sunset and sunrise.

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    “Nighttime” is most commonly used in American English, but it is recognized in other forms of English (like the US, Australia, and Canada). “Night time” is recognized in British English, but it’s rarely used compared to the one-word counterpart. AP Style suggests writing it as one word. “Nighttime” is the simplerway to write the word. You can compo...

    Perhaps it would help to see a graphical representation of the most popular choices based onyour geographical location. According to Google Ngram Viewer, “nighttime” is by far the most popular choice in American English. This has been the case over the last 70 years, making the one-word variation the best option when writing to US readers. “Night-t...

    “Nighttime” is correct as one word, and you may group it to compound the noun form. It’s a good choice because it keeps things simple. It’s the most popular choice because it sticks to simplistic language rules. It makes it easier for writers and readers alike, making it the perfect choice to include in most forms of writing. Here are some examples...

    “Night time” is correct, but it’s rarely used. You may write it as two words, but only when it doesn’t come directly before another noun. You should only write something like “It happened at night time.” This allows you to end the sentence after “night time” without including another noun. Writing “night time blues” is incorrect. You would have to ...

    “Night-time” can be hyphenated in British, Canadian, and Australian English. It’s best to do this when it comes before a noun, though you may also use it as a standalone noun form. You can write it in two forms. Before a noun, it looks like this: 1. I have the night-time paper. You may write it as its own noun, like this: 1. It’s happening at night...

    UK and US English agree that “nighttime” is the best choice in writing. You may find that “night-time” works well, but this only applies to the UK, Australia, and Canada. AP Style will tell you that you can group the words or hyphenate them, but you should avoid separating them.

  4. The meaning of NIGHTTIME is the time from dusk to dawn. How to use nighttime in a sentence. ... night· time. 1: ... Spelling Bee Quiz.

  5. Nov 21, 2019 · With Microsoft Word, if you enter nighttime Microsoft Word will mark nighttime as an error, but suggest both night time and night-time, which could easily lead writers to use the wrong spelling for Australia, depending on what they mean to write. Kelvin Eldridge The preferred Australian English spelling.

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