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    Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto.The company was founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi and originally produced handmade hanafuda playing cards.

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    Nintendo was founded as Yamauchi Nintendo (山内任天堂) by Fusajiro Yamauchi on September 23, 1889. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the business produced and marketed hanafuda.The name "Nintendo" is commonly assumed to mean "leave luck to heaven", but there are no historical records to validate this assumption.

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    The Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES) is an 8-bit third-generation home video game console produced by Nintendo. Nintendo first released it in Japan as the Family Computer ( FC ), commonly known as the Famicom, in 1983. The NES, a redesigned version, made its debut in test markets in the United States in October 1985, before becoming widely ...

    • Worldwide: 61.91 million, Japan: 19.35 million, America: 34.00 million, Other: 8.56 million
    • ¥14,800 (Japan), $179 (US Deluxe Set)
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    The Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo and released worldwide in most regions on March 3, 2017. The console itself is a tablet that can either be docked for use as a home console or used as a portable device, making it a hybrid console.

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    Nintendo was formed on September 23, 1889. They originally were a company that made playing cards. Then it went on to making toys, but in the 1960s, they started doing other things, such as owning hotels. They began making video games only in the 1970s. In 1980, they came out with a hand-held game device called Game and Watch. Nintendo's first video game console was the Color TV Game. Famicom, Nintendo's second console, was first only released in Japan, but it was later released in some other areas, such as North America and Europe. When they released it in there, its name was changed to "Nintendo Entertainment System", or NES for short. They also released some popular stand-alone video games, with names like the arcade game Donkey Kong, and NES games Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and The Legend of Zelda. Later, the company made hand-helds such as the Game Boy, DS, and 3DS and home consoles such as Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and Switch.

    Today, Nintendo has many popular characters and series. Super Mario and The Legend of Zeldaare examples of these. Nintendo currently sells the 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch. In March 2011 of February 26 2012, Nintendo released their new handheld system in Japan, the United States, and Europe, the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first system to have 3D without special 3D glasses. On the date of July 28 2012, Nintendo released a bigger update called the 3DS XL, which has a new anti-glare screen, a top screen that is 90% bigger than the old 3DS and has a matte plastic finish instead of a glossy metal one. This means that scratches and fingerprints cannot be seen as easily, but it can be broken more easily and it is not as durable. The successor to the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch, released on March 3, 2017 in Japan, the United States, and Europe. The Nintendo Switch is unique in the sense that it can be played on both a TV and on the go. The Switch can be played on the TV by sliding the tablet in...

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    The Japanese multinational consumer electronics company Nintendo has developed seven home video game consoles and multiple portable consoles for use with external media, as well as dedicated consoles and other hardware for their consoles. As of September 30, 2015, Nintendo has sold over 722.22 million hardware units. Although the company had released the Color TV Game and the Game & Watch, which were their first and second systems respectively, they did not achieve worldwide success until the re

    Color TV-Game is a series of five dedicated home consoles released only in Japan. Each of the consoles contained a small number of games and a built-in controller. In total, approximately 3 million units were sold.

    Released July 15, 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System is an 8-bit video game console released by Nintendo in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa and was Nintendo's first home video game console released outside Japan. In Japan, it is known as the "F

    Released November 21, 1990, The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, officially abbreviated the Super NES or SNES and colloquially shortened to Super Nintendo, is a 16-bit video game console released by Nintendo in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. I

    The Game & Watch series of handheld electronic games made by Nintendo and created by its game designer Gunpei Yokoi from 1980 to 1991. Most featured a single game that could be played on an LCD screen, in addition to a clock and an alarm. Most titles had a "GAME A" and a "GAME B"

    The Game Boy was the first handheld game console sold by Nintendo that featured interchangeable ROM cartridges for each game, unlike the Game & Watch that had a different system for each game. Released in 1989 in Japan, it is one of the world's best-selling game console lines, wi

    Nintendo's Virtual Boy was the first portable game console capable of displaying true 3D graphics. Most video games are forced to use monocular cues to achieve the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional screen, but the Virtual Boy was able to create a more accurate ill

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    The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld game console produced by Nintendo. It was announced in March 2010 and unveiled at E3 2010 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. The system features backward compatibility with older Nintendo DS video games. As an eighth-generation console, its primary competitor was Sony's PlayStation Vita.

    • Discontinued (as of September 16, 2020)
    • Dual-core ARM11 MPCore @ 268 MHz, Single-core ARM9
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    Jun 01, 2012 · Welcome to Nintendo Wiki, Your gateway to information on everything Nintendo - from the arcades and the NES to the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. This Wiki-based system is free and open to the public - you can contribute to the Nintendo Wiki after you register a Fandom account ! 27,864 articles and growing!

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    Nintendo Co., Ltd(JPJapanese: 任天堂株式会社Romaji: Nintendō kabushikigaisha)(CNCorporate Number: 1130001011420) is a Japanese video game developer, publisher, and home console / handheld manufacturer. The company was established in 1889 in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi as a manufacturer of Hanafuda playing cards. Nintendo has used its current name since October 1963. Following the ...

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