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    [1] [nb 1] Reed was the son of Toby ( née Futterman) (1920–2013) and Sidney Joseph Reed (1913–2005), an accountant. [3] His family was Jewish and his grandparents were Russian Jews who had fled antisemitism; [4] his father had changed his name from Rabinowitz to Reed. [5] Reed said that although he was Jewish, his “real god was rock 'n' roll“.

  2. As for the file size, it is a little over 1 MB which is hardly big for a Commons picture; most high-quality photos have 3-5 times that file size. The only "size" issue that remains IMO is the fact that the SVG is so complex that users with low-end systems probably cannot edit it.

  3. e. African American cinema is loosely classified as films made by, for, or about Black Americans. [1] Historically, African American films have been made with African-American casts and marketed to African-American audiences. [1] The production team and director were sometimes also African American. [2]

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    Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Janet Leigh, was cast as the heroine Laurie Strode while veteran actor Donald Pleasence was cast as Dr. Sam Loomis, an homage to John Gavin 's character in Psycho. [67]

  5. Sep 07, 2015 · There will be an afternoon symposium featuring Miles, Horovitz, Taylor, Peter Hale of the Ginsberg Trust and poets Christina Fonthes and Elmi Ali, and others. Taylor will collaborate with Horovitz, perform a solo set and give the British premiere of his short choral work, “Footnote to Howl.”

  6. Apr 29, 2022 · She has won two Grammy Awards, including Best Folk Album for Mental Illness (2017), and was named one of the world’s ten greatest living songwriters by NPR in 2006. — from Wikipedia Alice and the Reverie, ‘The Way We Go’ The Way We Go

  7. Mar 20, 2017 · longus said there was no point in doing bar = &foo: EvanR: assuming theres no point in going that route to change foos value: EvanR: out of context: Jan-oh well okay. Jan-the thoght was that my menu item would then look something like struct menuItem = { name[] = "My setting!"; int * valuePtr = &globalSettingIWantToUpdate; } EvanR

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