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  1. Born June, 1960 in Edmonton, London, UK. Died 18 May, 2018 age 57 in Edmonton, London, UK. Peter Potter (TV Host) (Disk Jockey and Host of television show, Jukebox Jury; Emmy Award Winner) - [1,075] - hosted radio show Platter Parade and television show Jukebox Jury and was a two time Emmy Award winner.

  2. As for the file size, it is a little over 1 MB which is hardly big for a Commons picture; most high-quality photos have 3-5 times that file size. The only "size" issue that remains IMO is the fact that the SVG is so complex that users with low-end systems probably cannot edit it.

  3. This video, “Nie lubimy robić” (“We Don’t Like to Do Anything”), has gotten over 22 million views. The video for Donatan’s most successful track, a non-Równonoc cut called “My Słowianie” (“Us Slavs”), has been viewed 32 million times. To put that in perspective, Poland only has 38 million residents.

  4. e. African American cinema is loosely classified as films made by, for, or about Black Americans. [1] Historically, African American films have been made with African-American casts and marketed to African-American audiences. [1] The production team and director were sometimes also African American. [2]

  5. A young American woman moves with her husband to Bucharest, and begins to suspect that Lena is a talented midwife and gynaecologist, her husband Serezha is an >actor at a Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, confronts the darker parts of her ledger when.

  6. Some stories con-nected a certain group of actors, though not always in the same place and time, and others were isolated in their own individual versions of Noise. A coherent picture of Noise sometimes appeared when these particular views lined up with one another; they inevitably glided apart soon after these rare moments of convergence.

  7. Filmmaker and composer John Carpenter, who has directed and scored numerous horror films, performing in 2016.. Music is considered a key component of horror films. In Music in the Horror Film (2010), Lerner writes "music in horror film frequently makes us feel threatened and uncomfortable" and intends to intensify the atmosphere created in imagery and themes.

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