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  1. So I merged the existing borders with the rectangular frames and did a bit of voodoo and a lot of tiny adjustments until I was satisfied that the outcome looked natural. As for the file size, it is a little over 1 MB which is hardly big for a Commons picture; most high-quality photos have 3-5 times that file size.

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    Amer­i­can au­thor H.P. Love­craft re­fined this style of sto­ry­telling into his own mythos that in­volved a set of su­per­nat­ural, pre-hu­man, and ex­trater­res­trial el­e­ments. His work was in­flu­enced by au­thors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Al­ger­non Black­wood, Am­brose Bierce, Arthur Machen, Robert W. Cham­bers and Lord Dun­sany. How­ever, L...

    The core themes and at­mos­phere of cos­mic hor­ror was laid out by Love­craft him­self in Su­per­nat­ural Hor­ror in Lit­er­a­ture, his schol­arly work on gothic, weird, and hor­ror fic­tion. A num­ber of char­ac­ter­is­tics have been iden­ti­fied as being as­so­ci­ated with Love­craft­ian hor­ror: 1. Fear of the unknown and unknowable. 2. The "fe...

    Much of Love­craft's in­flu­ence is sec­ondary, as he was a friend, in­spi­ra­tion, and cor­re­spon­dent to many au­thors who de­vel­oped their own no­table works. Many of these writ­ers also worked with Love­craft on jointly-writ­ten sto­ries. His more fa­mous friends and col­lab­o­ra­tors in­clude Robert Bloch, au­thor of Psy­cho; Robert E. Howar...

    Love­craft has cast a long shadow across the comic world. This has in­cluded not only adap­ta­tions of his sto­ries, such as H. P. Love­craft's Cthulhu: The Whis­perer in Dark­ness, Graphic Clas­sics: H. P. Lovecraft and MAX's Haunt of Horror,but also the in­cor­po­ra­tion of the Mythos into new sto­ries. Alan Moore has touched on Love­craft­ian th...

    From the 1950s on­wards, in the era fol­low­ing Love­craft's death, Love­craft­ian hor­ror truly be­came a sub­genre, not only fu­el­ing di­rect cin­e­matic adap­ta­tions of Poe and Love­craft, but pro­vid­ing the foun­da­tion upon which many of the hor­ror films of the 1950s and 1960s were con­structed.

    El­e­ments of Lovcraft­ian hor­ror have ap­peared in nu­mer­ous video games and role-play­ing games. These themes have been rec­og­nized as be­com­ing more common,al­though dif­fi­cul­ties in por­tray­ing Love­craft­ian hor­ror in a video games be­yond a vi­sual aes­thetic are recognized.

  2. She joined the cast of a Netflix series GLOW telling a fictionalized story of the 1980s women's professional wrestling promotion, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), where she played Rhonda "Britannica" Richardson. The series premiered in June 2017 to a very positive reception and was renewed for further three seasons.

    • Female
    • Harrow, United Kingdom
    • English Pop Singer And Actor
    • July 6, 1987
  3. Born June, 1960 in Edmonton, London, UK. Died 18 May, 2018 age 57 in Edmonton, London, UK. Peter Potter (TV Host) (Disk Jockey and Host of television show, Jukebox Jury; Emmy Award Winner) - [1,075] - hosted radio show Platter Parade and television show Jukebox Jury and was a two time Emmy Award winner.

  4. Maria P. Williams is considered the first Black woman film producer for the 5-reel silent drama based on her own screenplay for Flames of Wrath in 1923. Lester Walton started writing film criticism in 1908 for the national mainstream Black newspaper New York Age. His reviews and insights remain foundational for subsequent Black film literature.

  5. Filmmaker and composer John Carpenter, who has directed and scored numerous horror films, performing in 2016.. Music is considered a key component of horror films. In Music in the Horror Film (2010), Lerner writes "music in horror film frequently makes us feel threatened and uncomfortable" and intends to intensify the atmosphere created in imagery and themes.

  6. Aug 28, 2019 · WSL women surf less heats than men but both surf less than ISA. WSL Women's Finals combo heat scores are down on previous years. Despite grooming best swells, ample rest/recovery & longer heat times. WSL chix were 10mins down, a wave short & all at sea in plain sailing waves. ISA surf better for free & more heats in one day than an entire WSL ...

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