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  1. Normative ethics The debate over consequentialism. Normative ethics seeks to set norms or standards for conduct. The term is commonly used in reference to the discussion of general theories about what one ought to do, a central part of Western ethics since ancient times.

  2. Normative ethics is one of three main component areas of inquiry of philosophical ethics, the two others being meta-ethics and applied ethics. Normative ethics, also known as normative theory, or moral theory, intends to find out which actions are right and wrong, or which character traits are good and bad.

  3. Ethics is concerned with whether and how those ethical opinions can be reasonably justified. Normative ethics in particular is concerned with articulating and developing the general ethical theories in terms of which ethical opinions at the applied level might be justified.

  4. I. Normative Ethics: Normative ethical theory is the branch of philosophy concerned with formulating and evaluating theories of moral rightness and moral goodness. Such theories attempt to state the features in virtue of which morally right actions are morally right and morally good states of affairs are morally good.

  5. Dec 10, 2020 · Normative ethics is an attempt to systematically provide a coherent set of rules or aims for behavior, including for professional fields, such as medicine or business (Smith 2008). What are the ideal ways people think people ought to behave? What are the values which people believe should guide and direct us in our activities?

  6. Normative ethics focuses on moral behavior, on what we should do. It thus deals with questions concerning human agency, responsibility, and moral evaluation. Normative ethics attempts to establish criteria or principles for identifying norms and standards to guide correct behavior.

  7. Normative ethics’ is an enormous field. It is concerned with the articulation and the justification of the fundamental principles that govern the issues of how we should live and what we morally ought to do.

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