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  1. Apr 07, 2022 · The first is normative age-graded influences, the second is normative history-graded influences', and the last is non-normative influences. We will get into specific definitions and examples in a ...

  2. Nov 21, 2007 · In deontology, as elsewhere in ethics, is not entirely clear whether a contractualist account is really normative as opposed to metaethical. If such account is a first order normative account, it is probably best construed as a patient-centered deontology; for the central obligation would be to do onto others only that to which they have consented.

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  4. Dec 19, 2008 · Prescriptive Evolutionary Ethics: appeals to evolutionary theory in justifying or undermining certain normative ethical claims or theories—for example, to justify free market capitalism or male-dominant social structures, or to undermine the claim that human beings have a special dignity that non-human animals lack. (See section 3.)

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    Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to femininity and masculinity and differentiating between them. [dubious – discuss] Depending on the context, this may include sex-based social structures (i.e. gender roles) and gender identity.

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    In addition to being used to describe, predict, and explain behavior, game theory has also been used to develop theories of ethical or normative behavior and to prescribe such behavior. In economics and philosophy, scholars have applied game theory to help in the understanding of good or proper behavior.

  7. Oct 22, 2002 · Intrinsic value has traditionally been thought to lie at the heart of ethics. Philosophers use a number of terms to refer to such value. The intrinsic value of something is said to be the value that that thing has “in itself,” or “for its own sake,” or “as such,” or “in its own right.”

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